Nail Hoot: Polish Pickup October 2017


I was 2.5 seconds away from buying my cat a unicorn horn hat souvenir but thankfully George Lopez walked down the hotel lobby and I got properly distracted by FAMOUS PEOPLE! for the next couple hours.  Hubby gave me the secret eye signal, you know, the one that says SIMMER DOWN, CRAZY without drawing attention to the fact that someone is clearly not simmering down.  Seriously though, hubby just needs to look away from time to time cuz when someone famous is nearby, I am the best dadgum lurker that EVER freaking lurked.  But FOR SOME REASON, that’s not a very attractive quality.  Ugh.  Hubby is ZERO fun sometimes.  Good thing I’m such a Trophy Wife or we’d all be worried.

So while I sit here behaving all sorts of stalker-y, let’s get to the point. The October Polish Pickup is just around the corner, and I know y’all just dying to get out your grabby fingers. There’s about 50-ish brands participating this month with some pretty amazing polish and polish-related things, so if there was ever a time to get off your no-buys, right now would be it. It’s a bye bye checkbook type situation for you, in case you didn’t know.

Here’s the gorgeous contribution from Brandie with Nail Hoot:


Drool-y Scenario #6534589, and we all got our buckets on standby.  It’s about to get suuuuuper unattactive in here, I can already tell.

The theme for the month of October is Monsters & Mythical Creatures, and Brandie chose this awesome picture as her inspiration.  Take a look at this:

Now look at this:


Basically, NAILED IT isn’t even close.  A whoooooole lotta jaw dropping, though?  Welllll, that’s better.

DESCRIPTION: A stunning, dark golden linear holo with medium red flash throughout

OPACITY:  Two luscious coats plus glossy top coat

This color is so comfy cozy brown-y gold, but those glittery bits?  UGH. I gots the noodle legs y’all and the Ugly Ecstasy Face is in full effect. I’m a walking pile of sex, just so you know.

More shots, but not for licking:

Even though you want to! But the judgy eyes, they are everywhere.

So in case you are new, this is how this thing works. The Polish Pickup shop goes live on Friday, October 6 at 11am EST. At approximately 11am and 1 second, you’re tossing nail polish in your shopping cart like a dadgum crazy person. Plus 27 backup bottles for SAFETY. Then get back into pajamas cuz you’ve had a hard day.

In case you’re unable to prioritize properly, the shop will stay open until Monday, October 9 at 11:59pm EST. After that, every last one of these polishes: GONE. Forever. As in POLISH EMERGENCY! so be sure to get your life in order or else it’s a sad state of affairs for you.

Prices for the polishes are all different; Skyward Gryphon in particular will retail at $9.75.  Shipping is a flat rate of $3 no matter if you buy one polish or if you buy all of them. I don’t do the maths too well, but I’m thinking that’s a pretty good deal.  Also, you can make multiple orders over the course of the weekend, and the lovely PPU ladies will combine your shipping.  Who’s royalty then? That be YOU.

To get in on sneak peeks and future voting for monthly themes, click here to the join the Polish Pickup Facebook group. Then when October 6 rolls around, click here for shopping! DO EEEEEET. I mean it.

More PPUs are coming, so be sure to stick around.  Later, loves!


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