Different Dimension: Be Nice or Leaf + Creepin’ It Real Trios


Current status: sitting in a pedicure chair taking care of business, one eye sleeping but still blogging like a DADGUM PROFESSIONAL.  Seriously guys, I earned those Gucci flats, in case you’re curious. Even if hubby did say I have to wear them everyday for the rest of my life.  Although if he’s thinking that’s some sort of punishment, CLEARLY he doesn’t know me very well.  Cuz before there was a nail polish problem there was a shoe problem, and once it is in you, IT IS IN YOU.  Allll the designer shoes: GIMME.

Okay, before a full-on snoring nap sesh happens in front of strangers, let’s look at polish.  Missi with Different Dimension has sent over so many pretties to share with you today!  Actually, I’m splitting things into two, maybe three blogs just to ensure y’all READ ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM and I figure shorter blogs are more ideal.  Cuz although I can sit around and read things-slash-lounge about-slash-do freaking nothing for nigh on eternity, I’m quite certain everyone else in the world has more exciting shit to do.  Blah.  You and your fancy life.

But yeah.  Nail polish.  Lessss go!  First up is the adorable Be Nice or Leaf trio:


Want, want and need! That’s your new motto.  There’s just something about some glossy cremes in PERFECT seasonal colors that’ll give you a dire case of the Grabby Fingers.  Cuz while I do not particularly love fall – solely due to it’s unfortunate proximity to the hell that is winter – but anytime you toss in a bunch of pretty polishes that resemble the changing colors of leaves, welllllll … I’ll take a thousand.

Rational behavior?  NOT TODAY!

Swatches below show two coats plus a glossy top coat.  Nice formulas, applied evenly and easily.  Take a look at what you get:


DESCRIPTION:  A berry red creme


DESCRIPTION:  A butterscotch yellow creme


DESCRIPTION:  An olive green creme

Gah! Are those not glorious?  A trio of dreamboats?  Headed for the shopping cart?  If the answer isn’t YES, I am var var concerned about the state of your brain.

Plus they also stamp and watermarble!  I mean, I have nothing to show you cuz I don’t plan things very well, but that is beside the point.  Best Blogger Ever is what you’re thinking.

In addition to the cremes, there’s another festive trio headed your way.  Some Halloween fun courtesy of the Creepin’ It Real trio.  Check out more things you are buying!  

I see glitter! I see holo! I see wallets just flying out of purses everywhere!

Here’s the rundown:


DESCRIPTION:  A black holographic with silver flakies and holographic microflakies


DESCRIPTION:  An orange holographic with silver flakies and holographic microflakies


DESCRIPTION:  A holographic base filled with fine orange and black glitters

For these swatches, I did two coats each and had no formula issues whatsoever. Even Here For the Boos was quite impressive by its opacity considering the base has no color.  I did add a tiny bit of a third coat to that one just to ensure no naked spots, but it was barely a third. However, if your nails are longer, maybe three coats would work best for you.  Either way though, we lub it lots.

These polishes are available individually, but if you buy the trio you get one of these:


Whaaaaat?! CANDY CORN CUTICLE OIL?!  I swear, if you’re turning your back on this now, there’s a karate chop with your name on it. 

The candy corn scent is very nice. Sweet, but not over the top. I really liked it! And the brush applicator is super soft and fine enough to get down in the cuticles without causing disaster.You definitely want this. TRUST ME, you do. 


Two trios for extra drool-y scenarios!   Do you see how much you’re buying these?  In fact, you’re first in line. (Right? RIGHT.)

All the shopping deets:

The Be Nice or Leaf Trio retails for $25 and is only available as a set. 

The Creepin’ It Real Trio retails for $30 and includes the Candy Corn cuticle oil pen. If ya gotta go single bottles, they’re $12 each but sadly no pen.  In other words, you’re getting the trio. I HAVE DECIDED FOR YOU.

Everything is available now, so no waiting necessary. Y’all get busy!  You were just sitting around in sweatpants doing nothing anyway. 

Where to buy:  http://differentdimensionpolish.bigcartel.com/

And now the linky loos! Connect with Different Dimension:



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More blogs are coming later cuz this train keeps moving whether we want it to or not. Stay tuned!

Later, loves!


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