Polish My Life: Indie Polish Lovers United Group Custom


Fitness app update:  another 16,000 steps.  I literally have no idea who I am anymore.  Why is there so much PANTS on vacation?  Where are the pajamas and the lounging and the Full House marathons?  Where is my kitchen table full of nail polish and my cat not loving me, not even close?  Instead, here I am out doing “stuff” (against my will), walking myself skinny (although not as quickly as expected), and accidentally buying a pair of shoes from Gucci cuz DADGUMMIT an award has finally freaking come.  I mean, after all this efforting, if someone didn’t end up with a pair of designer flats, the Universe has done tipped sideways.

Good things there’s always nail polish!  I have a real beauty to share with you today.  Shaneka with Polish My Life has paired up with the Indie Polish Lovers United group on Facebook to bring us a spectacular custom that you’re gonna need roughly a trillion times over.  Take a look:


Ummmm, purple lovers, you seeing this?  If you’ve been keeping it classy for far too long today, you can now officially lose all semblance of ladylike behavior. Drools and swoons and tongue lolling GALORE!

So this little beauty is called WITCHES BREW and getting on this stat is your most logical next step. 

DESCRIPTION:  A deep vibrant purple with bright royal blue flakies

Swatches show two coats plus top coat. The shimmer in here is rather subtle in normal lighting, but then I drove to the grocery store and hit potholes all along the way. Driving hazard, clearly. The sparkle in the sun is legit gorgeous.

More shots for extra convincing:

Annnnnd now you’re spending all your money. I see no other reason why not. 

As mentioned, this is a custom polish made exclusively for the members of the Indie Polish Lovers United group on Facebook. If you want this beauty (and you do!), here’s your To-Do List:

Join the group by clicking here

Once approved, go to the pinned post at the top. Your secret shopping link is there. 

Toss a billion bottles in the shopping cart. 

Then, pajamas. 

Cost for this polish is $11 and it’s only available until October 31. However, if you make a purchase by October 8, shipping will be dispatched within a couple of days. Otherwise, purchases on the 9th or after will be shipped at the end of the month.  And who’s in the mood to wait four long weeks for nail polish?  NOT A DADGUM ONE OF US. So, first in line, boo boos!

More click-y things! Connect with Polish My Life:



Fan Group

That’s it; we’re done. Off to shave my legs so I don’t get kicked out of the spa. Cuz I haven’t polished anything in like four days and the withdrawals are FOR REAL.

Later, loves!


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