Nail Hoot: Haunted Mansion


Real quick blog for you this afternoon since I’ve kinda got a streak going, posting things early, being a proper blogger and whatnot. Figure I oughta get in here while the gettin’s good, cuz distractions are always about 2.5 seconds away.  Hubby’s got his finger on the remote about to switch over to reruns from the 1980s, and lord knows not much else gets done after that.  How I’m not skinnier, the world may never know.

Got something pretty from Nail Hoot to share with you today!  Every year, Brandie comes up with a fun polish for Halloween, and this time around we got a purple one!  Who just got swoon-y?  Pretty much all of us, that’s who.  Take a look:


Ooooooh!  That’s a bunch of goodies!  The glitter, the holo, the yummy purple deliciousness.  Gah!  Excuse me while I attempt to get control of my brain.  

This is HAUNTED MANSION, a stunning purple to black duochrome crelly with dashing orange and blue glitters and a pinch of scattered holo.  It is an absolute perfect polish for some Halloween nail art, which naturally I have none to show cuz CLEARLY I don’t plan things well.  However, I’m imagining the nail art, and certainly that gets half a horn toot at least.

Formula on this was pretty good.  Not overly thick, which is good considering all those glitters.  I did two coats for my swatch plus two layers of top coat in order to smooth everything out.

And now, a crap ton more pictures.  Can’t stop won’t stop!

Are you properly convinced?  Well, you should be.  27 bottles, and in the cart they go!

This polish releases today at 7pm CST, which is roughly 20 minutes from now.  Remember up top how I said I was posting blogs early?  I mean, streak’s still going, albeit just barely.  Bonus points?  YES PLEASE.  Here’s more deets:

Cost:  $7.35, i.e., practically free

Where to buy:

In addition to Haunted Mansion, Brandie is also releasing her Flakie Feathered Friends collection, so be sure to snag those up as well. 

The linky loos! Connect with Nail Hoot:



Fan Group

Okay, y’all!  Go get your pretties!  Then come back later cuz I’m attempting another blog tonight.  Bahahahahaha.  We’ll see.

Later, loves!


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