BLUSH Lacquers: Color4Nails Exclusive Duo


Took a two day blogging break and fully expected to come in here today and all the blogs would be done.  Guess what?  Ughhhhhh. Why you no write yourself?! So rude. 

In my defense, I put pants on (against my will) and did a social thing on Saturday in an attempt to stay married. Hubby and I went to one of those movie theaters where you get food and alcohol all while laying down in a recliner – and I don’t know about you, but if my life could be summed up in one big picture, it’d be me lounging about all over that recliner with an afghan covering me all the way to the neck.  Most likely, I appeared highly inappropriate and  a bit TOO lounge-y for public, but I did somehow manage to leave the robe at home, soooo .. if bonus points are coming, that sounds about right.

Happy Monday y’all!  I have some pretties from BLUSH Lacquers to share with you today!  Victoria has partnered up with Color4Nails as an additional shopping outlet for customers worldwide, and to celebrate – an exclusive duo has been born. Take a look at these two stunners:


Squeeeee!  Look at all those jaws, just dropping like no big deal. Gah!  Victoria never disappoints. Ever never never. Anytime a new BLUSH comes out, we are all a drool-y mess. Beautiful colors, glorious mix of glitters and flakies and holo and OMG, ladylike composure = out the dadgum window.

Anyway, while I attempt to get it together, here’s some pics of what you’re buying today:


DESCRIPTION:  A brown/gold/green multichrome shifter in a dark grey base, blue/green/purple shifting iridescent flakies and scattered holo

I did three coats here, but two might be just fine for some people. Formula was so smooth and fluid and a nerdy pleasure to apply. I could’ve sat there all day playing with this one, except there’s 7,397 other polishes left to do. Ugh. Responsibilities.


DESCRIPTION:  A dusty blue base with green, gold and purple flakies and scattered holo

Again, I did three coats here but two coats could’ve been plenty except sometimes I can’t stop polishing. I mean, do you see those flakies in there? DO YOU SEE?!  Your brain just goes away somewhere, I swear it. 


Now that you’ve officially lost all semblance of a proper lady, it’s time to spend some money.  This duo is available now exclusively in the Color4Nails store.  Cost is $12 each, which is practically free considering how much we’d pay for a bottle full of magic.

Where to buy:

In addition to this duo, there’s a whole host of polishes from BLUSH available so if you’re missing any, go ahead and toss ’em all in the cart. Cuz today is not the day to be rational.

Later, loves!


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