KBShimmer: Unicorn Pee Collection 


POLISH EMERGENCY! POLISH EMERGENCY! In fact it’s sooo polish emergency, I’m currently not napping or couch lounging or being distracted by potato chips within grabby distance.  GUYS. I’m a proper blogger today!  Send bonus points!  And Leonardo, for safety. 

So in an effort to tell you about things before the things are no longer the things, here’s a very quick blog post that I swear better not be moot by the time I get to the end. Cuz polish is flying off shelves and I don’t carpal tunnel for no dadgum reason. Or skip naps.

One word:  UNICORN PEE. Okay, two words. OMG, now is not the time for math. Check out this insane collection from KBShimmer:


Christy got a hold of some unicorn pee, so now we get a hold of these beauties!  Unless they are sold out, which isn’t even all that impossible at the moment. Cuz for some reason, UP makes all of us go a whooooole lotta elbow jabby.  I mean, you don’t get to Crazy Nail Lady by being an actual lady. And you don’t get no Unicorn Pee by taking your damn sweet time. 

In other words, FOCUS. And have your wallets handy. Cuz here’s what you’re buying:


DESCRIPTION:  A deepened fuchsia-leaning purple jelly with color shifting shimmer

OPACITY:  Three coats unless you like a bit of see-thru at the edges


DESCRIPTION:  A deepened teal-leaning green jelly with color shifting shimmer

OPACITY:  Three coats gives you a deeper color like my swatches show here, but two coats will show a better pee payoff. 

Side note:  I just said Pee Payoff and didn’t even flinch or gross myself out or nothing. Clearly, we’re in the midst of some serious business


DESCRIPTION:  A deep midnight blue bordering on blurple jelly with color shifting shimmer

OPACITY:  Three coats here too; color appears mostly purple to me, but what do I know, really? I mean, when you’re constantly keeping yourself from licking your own fingers, having an opinion that makes sense isn’t tops on the list. 


DESCRIPTION:  A fiery copper red shimmery topper that shifts orange/green/gold depending on the angle; layered over black for this swatch

OPACITY:  I did two coats on top of black for maximum drool effect; you can also layer on top of the other polishes to amp up the pee. 

OMG, what?!  Shut up, brain. 


Time to spend some money!  All four polishes are available now from various sources, but stock is extremely limited. DO 👏🏼 NOT 👏🏼 SLEEP 👏🏼 ON 👏🏼 THIS!  Otherwise, I am var var concerned about your brain.

Where to buy:



Harlow & Co

Rainbow Connection 

Cost is $12 USD, $14.49 CAD or £11 if you’re fancy. 

How’s that for thorough?  Someone’s got her blogger pants on today!  As opposed to later when there’s no pants.  Clearly, I am the SEXIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD.  Or laziest. Either way.

Go get your pretties!  Later, loves!


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