Alchemy Lacquers: Star Shards Collection 


Hey, it’s not midnight! Someone’s feeling a bit overachieve-y at the moment. Better write a blog real quick before terrible things happen (e.g., napping in the car in clear view of co-workers, accidental Full House marathon rabbit hole-type situation, someone handing me a bag of Cheetos and I go unconscious for a little bit.)  Cuz y’all know I’m always about 2.5 seconds away from something distracting, or else we wouldn’t be in the middle of a BLOGGING EXTRAVAGANZA! now would we?

I swear, I hope SUPERHUMAN happens soon, otherwise you’re not going anywhere for the next 18 years. Sorry, if I gotta be in here carpal tunneling, the least you can be is reading the dang thing. 

Rebecca with Alchemy Lacquers sent me her gorgeous new Star Shards collection to share with you today. First of all, they are mostly jellies which means I could end the blog right here and you’re tossing all five in the cart anyway. But secondly …


Gah!  I’m trying so hard to be normal today, but OMG now there’s flakies, soooo … Ladylike composure = out the dadgum window. And basically I may never be normal again.

Here’s a quick rundown of colors, then I’ll meet you at the bottom!


DESCRIPTION:  A dark navy jelly with blue/purple chrome flakies, green/orange clear flakies, silver holographic glitter and red/green shifting glitter


DESCRIPTION:  An orange red jelly with orange/green shifting clear flakies and red, orange and gold holographic glitter 


DESCRIPTION:  A turquoise crelly with pink/green shifting clear flakies and a touch of holo


DESCRIPTION:  A magenta jelly with silver holographic glitter and shifting clear flakies


DESCRIPTION:  An ultramarine blue jelly with red/orange/yellow/green shifting clear flakies


Anyone still upright?  Nope, me neither. These polishes got me 27 levels of swoon-y.

Now, FOCUS! I can be a proper blogger from time to time. So here ya go:

Formula was on point. Jellies can be tricky, but there’s absolutely no hassle here. Sheer on the first coat but they build up so good, and by the third coat, I swear you’re surrounded by your own drool buckets. Or if not, well CLEARLY you are wrong.

Vega, the lone crelly in the bunch, is just as good. Two coats; three if you’re crazy. Obviously I did three. Oh, and my favorite?  The delicious, juicy orange one! I swear it’s four fingers of Jolly Rancher goodness, except slightly more poison-y.

This collection is available now so you’re all set for shopping!  Price for each is $11, which considering how much we’d honestly pay for a bottle of magic with flakies in it, that’s a pretty good steal.

A word of advice though: don’t wait too long! Last I checked, quantities were getting low and I don’t have any information on future restocks. Cuz I’m a DADGUM PROFESSIONAL, that’s why. 

Where to buy:

And other click-y things! Connect with Alchemy Lacquers:



Fan Group

Later, loves!


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