Top Shelf Lacquer: Drunken Creme Fall Holos


Now that the Polish Pickup blogging frenzy is officially done, it’s time to get on our focus face. Remember those 7,397 blogs left to write?  Not a dadgum dent. I figure at this point if there’s even a skosh of a chance in getting caught up, someone’s gonna have to come take the pajamas and the couches and the Full House away.

Except don’t, or I will cut you. 

So before stabby things happen, let’s do Plan B: pulling double blog duty plus superhuman efforting plus Cheetos far from grabby distance.  I mean, it’s not the most ideal, but it’s hard to write a blog while in the midst of a potato chip euphoria-type situation.

Okay, nail polish. LET’S GO. 


Amy from Top Shelf Lacquer sent me one of the most MUST HAVE fall collections of all time.  This is the Drunken Creme Fall Holos, and OMG, you guys! Wallets are flying out of purses, everywhere. 

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: the best thing about fall is the colors. The palette on this collection is all your dreams come true.  Some warm and cozy beauties in here! A brown, an orange, a yellow, a GREEEEEEN!  Did someone just hand me a basketful of kitties? Might as well have.

For my swatches, I did two coats plus glossy top coat. The formula is silky smooth magical perfection. Seriously, a one way ticket to the Drool Convention, at minimum. And most likely not accidentally on all the surfaces. Mine AND yours.

Here’s a quick rundown of all the colors.  No need for screenshots; you’re buying all twelve!


DESCRIPTION:  A perfect fall pumpkin orange holographic creme


DESCRIPTION:  A cool medium grey holographic creme


DESCRIPTION:  A mustard yellow holographic creme (squeeee!)


DESCRIPTION:  A fun amaranth red holographic creme


DESCRIPTION:  A medium teal holographic creme


DESCRIPTION:  A dusky plum holographic creme


DESCRIPTION:  A lush olive green holographic creme (more squeeee!)


DESCRIPTION:  A warm rich milk chocolate brown holographic creme


DESCRIPTION:  A vampy burgundy holographic creme


DESCRIPTION:  A light teal holographic creme


DESCRIPTION:  A rich Prussian blue holographic creme


DESCRIPTION:  A dusky mauve holographic creme


Yep. All twelve, and in the cart they go! Weeee!

This collection is available now and comes in both full size and 8ml minis. Here’s the deets:

Full set of 12 retails for $120/full or $92/mini; individual bottles are $12/full or $8.50/mini. 

Where to buy:

When to buy: 2.5 seconds ago. Get on it, boo boos!

And now, some click-y things!  Connect with Top Shelf Lacquer:



Fan Group

Okay, gang! That’s all for now.  Back in a few hours with your bonus blog. Maybe. I mean, clearly I’m not very good at blogging. 

Later, loves!


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  1. The minute I saw this collection I started bawling into my beer because the Polish Pickup already put me about $40 over my polish budget and then I went and placed an order from Tonic and Born Pretty. I’m Broke AF right now and there’s literally NO WAY I can get these (really, I only NEED Sloshed & Tanked, although the teals and browns would pop into my cart in a heartbeat as well). Insert epic sad face here……
    Beautiful swatches though! 🙂


      • Ha! in like, a year! 😦
        I had to have emergency surgery to have my gallbladder removed in July and we’re just starting to get the bazillion dollars in bills from that (thank God for insurance or it could be much worse!). A polish has to literally knock my damn socks off in order for me to think twice about buying it for the time being. I guess I’ll just have to made due with the eleventy bazillion polishes i already have!


      • Yes, I’m doing MUCH better and that’s worth passing on all these gorgeous polishes (but it still makes me sad)! Thank you for asking! 🙂


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