Fair Maiden Polish: Polish Pickup September 2017


Okay, I’ve goofed off long enough and now we’ve reached Polish Emergency, Level EXPERT.  Cuz I’ve got four Polish Pickup polishes left to blog and zero time to blog them.  This is what happens when you spend your evening stuck inside a shirt in the JCPenney’s dressing room instead of writing a blog post like the Good Lord intended.  Gah!  I’m only a little bit stressed at the moment, and the hives are lurking to like the trillionth degree.  Sooooo, if a Starbucks is coming, that’d be great.  With whipped cream and a side of Leonardo, please.

Now FOCUS.  I figure posting this blog at some point BEFORE the Polish Pickup sale ends is the most ideal situation.  Best blogger ever?  I think YES.  Here is what Sarah and Adrienne, the ladies from Fair Maiden Polish, has for us this month:


I see shimmer!  I see glitters!  I see jaws and THEY ARE DROPPING.

I might’ve mentioned this approximately 18,000 times before, but the theme for this month is Fall Foliage and Fun.  Sarah and Adrienne were inspired by this gorgeous night sky.  Take a look at this:

Now look at this:


Well, we all knew something beautiful was going to happen.  Plus noodle legs.  And drool.  And other suuuuper ladylike-type scenarios.  

DESCRIPTION:  A slightly metallic night blue with subtle purple shift, ultra chrome flakies that shift magenta-copper-gold, holographic sparkles and chameleon glitters that shift red-gold-green

OPACITY:  Two coats, but excellent coverage in one. This one had a thicker formula than average for me, but it applied just fine and basically looks like a masterpiece.  Duh.

More proof and/or convincing?  Keep scrolling!

AND LOOK!  That subtle purple shift mentioned above?  SNAGGED IT.  

I mean, it’s not super in-yo-face or anything, but I get half a horn toot at least.  

DONE. And in the cart she goes!  Plus 27 backup bottles for safety.  Weeeee!

Fall-ing Stars will retail for $11, which is a pretty cheap deal for so much happiness. Now, here’s more deets:

Polish Pickup FAQs – click here

Polish Pickup shop – click here

Got stuck in a what in a where now? – click here

So here’s where it gets serious. The Polish Pickup officially opens today (9/1) at 11am EST and will stay open through all day Monday, September 4. So if you can’t manage to get your priorities straight in a mere three days, well it’s a sad state of affairs for you then. In other words, setting 17 alarms makes the most sense. Cuz now is not the time to be normal. 

To be continued for all of eternity. More polish coming!


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