Nail Hoot: Polish Pickup August 2017


Full House is on, the cat has suddenly laid down right next to me without coercion of any kind, and there’s a bag of chips that taste like biscuits ‘n gravy within grabby distance.  I’ll be honest:  the distraction level at the moment is at an all time high.  Will this blog even get written before the year 2037?  Seriously guys, I don’t even know.

Welcome to your Bonus Blog!  Polish Pickup is still in effect, and the effort to post everything BEFORE the sale ends (you know, most ideal situation) is officially cranked in high gear.  Hope y’all are still awake and reading along cuz your BEST DAY EVER is about to get even besti-ier.  Nail Hoot is in the house, and if there was ever a time for the smelling salts, now would be it. Take a look at Don’t Call Me Sugar:


Where my blue lovers at?  Cuz this one’s got your name written allllll over it.  Quite possibly in French and attached to a Starbucks, cuz not much else gets better than that.  Unless it comes with a side of Leonardo, that is.

You might’ve heard already (assuming you’ve read this blog before), but this month’s theme is Old Hollywood.  Brandie was inspired by the movie Gone With the Wind, most specifically Scarlet’s dress in this scene:

So naturally something beautiful happened: 

Gah!  Did you just die?  Cuz I sure did.

DESCRIPTION:  A soft and beautiful cobalt blue holographic with slight pink flash

And under the lamps, it gets even better.  The color deepens and the holo’s got its jazz hands on:

Oooooh, someone’s about to spend some money, I can already tell.

Close up of that shimmer:


It’s a subtle flash of pink, but it is definitely there.  And the formula is pretty good too.  A nice, smooth, effortless two coater.  Jaws are dropping, people, and we’re all about to get unattractive.  However, on the plus side, if I hold my mouth open long enough, someone might just put some mashed potatoes in there cuz I AM THE LAZIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD.

OMG, WHAT?  Honestly, something has happened to my brain.  Nail polish makes me stoooopid.

Don’t Call Me Sugar will retail for $9.75, which is a pretty cheap deal for so much happiness.  Now, here’s more deets:

Polish Pickup FAQs – click here

Polish Pickup shop – click here

Now here’s where it gets serious. The Polish Pickup sale opens Friday, August 5 at 11am EST and will run through all day Monday, August 7. So if you can’t manage to get your priorities straight in a mere three days, well it’s a sad state of affairs for you then. In other words, setting 17 alarms makes the most sense. Cuz no one does Crazy Nail Lady quite like you.

To be continued for all of eternity.  More polish tomorrow, loves!


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    • It’s a great polish, but I’m all for glittered gold nails too! Or just polish in general. I have a polish problem, in case you didn’t knel


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