Lollipop Posse Lacquer: Summer Mix Tape – Overdrive Edition 


Hubby had to go into work today so I’ve laid in bed for the past four hours waiting for food to just magically appear and it never freaking did.  So now I am sitting in the Schlotzsky’s drive-thru, blogging into my phone like a crazy person and sadly wearing pants.  Ugh.  Too much effort for a Saturday.

The only good thing about having the house to myself is that I can write without distraction.  Cuz as soon as someone turns the TV on, I’m done for.  And it doesn’t even matter what show it is.  I know I talk a lot about Full House, but there could be a documentary on about a snake that eats people and suddenly my brain just goes away somewhere.  Which, if you have 7,397 blogs to write, this scenario is the least ideal.  Not much gets done while lying comatose on the couch, let’s just say.

Welcome to Speed Blog #2, y’all!  I’m home now and still trying to get caught up, which at this point is proving to take light years, plus eons and eternities on top.  I mean, I’ve just turned on my iTunes and taken about 15 dance breaks since writing this sentence.  Seriously, who’s in charge here?  Cuz they are about 97.8566% CRAP at their job.  Blah.

I have the new Lollipop Posse Lacquer Summer Mix Tape: Overdrive Edition to share with you today!  And trust me, guys:  YOU. WILL. LOVE.  Grab some smelling salts and go lock yourself in a room alone – you’re about to get suuuuuuuuper unattractive in about 2.5 seconds.  Take a look:


And what do we do when new Lollipop’s are coming?  Pass the hell on out now, that’s what.  

This collection was created in collaboration with Karen’s husband, Mr. Lollipop, and inspired by their mutual love for the alt rock scene of the late 90s/early 2000s.  Yes, yes and more yes!  Plus, I love that her hubs got in on the action and they made something cool.  In my house, we’d collab on something food related, most likely involving potato chips or gravy on things.  So yeah, like, LESS COOL, clearly.

And now, the rundown of colors in 3 … 2 … 1 …

But My Hands are Busy in the Air – $9.50

The world’s a roller coaster / And I am not strapped in / Maybe I should hold with care / But my hands are busy in the air

— Incubus, Wish You Were Here

DESCRIPTION:  A turquoise crelly that is filled with purple shimmer and a bit of holographic sparkle

OPACITY:  Two coats

She Lives on the Borderline – $12

She lives on the borderline / That they call hazel / And the tent that she lives in / Has the name of her lover / As she lays down to rest

— Wolfmother, White Unicorn

DESCRIPITION:  A multichrome crelly that shifts between green/red/copper and even blue at extreme angles, with iridescent red/green/gold color shifting glitters and micro holographic sparkles

OPACITY:  Two coats

I Remember When I Lost My Mind – $9.50

I remember when / I remember / I remember when I lost my mind / There was something so special about that place / Even your emotions had an echo in so much space

— Gnarles Barkley, Crazy

DESCRIPTION:  A royal purple crelly with ocean blue shimmer and iridescent sparkle

OPACITY:  Three coats

My Heart’s in Overdrive – $9.50

Can’t explain all the feelings that you’re making me feel / My heart’s in overdrive and you’re behind the steering wheel

— The Darkness, I Believe in a Thing Called Love

DESCRIPTION:  A hot pink crelly packed with blue shimmer, holographic microflakies, micro holo sparkle and silver flakies

OPACITY:  Three coats, although two was very close

The Future is Coming On – $11

I ain’t happy / I’m feeling glad / I got sunshine in a bag / I’m useless / But not for long / The future is coming on

— Gorillaz, Clint Eastwood

DESCRIPTION:  A steel-colored chrome base that suspends red/green/gold color shifting iridescent glitter and a healthy dose of iridescent sparkle

OPACITY:  Three coats, but two was close

Pleasantly Caving In – $9.50

I drift along the ocean / Dead lifeboat in the sun / And come undone / Pleasantly caving in / I come undone

— Queens of the Stone Age, No One Knows

DESCRIPTION:  An ocean blue crelly that leans cobalt with red/violet shimmer and a scattering of holographic sparkle

OPACITY:  Two coats, although under the lamps it appeared like it could’ve used a third

Help Me Burn Out Bright – $9.50

I’m looking to the sky to save me / Looking for a sign of life / Looking for something to help me burn out bright

— Foo Fighters, Learn to Fly

DESCRIPTION:  A fiery glitter topper that consists of two sizes of color changing, iridescent hex glitters and a sprinkling of holographic sparkle

OPACITY:  Only one coat over a dark shade required for excellent glitter payoff

The round up:

And we are all just big puddles of goo.  Anyone still upgright at this point, well clearly you are WRONG.  Cuz you can’t have this much glitter and flakies and delicious iridescence without at least a minor case of the Noodle Legs.  Unless you don’t like pretty things.  Or you have no eyes.  I dunno.

My favorite is She Lives on the Borderline, which y’all already knew, cuz where there is green there is me loving it in a smother-y, stalker-y kind of way.  Plus, I’m a sucker for multichromes.  Ladylike composure = out the window, each and every dadgum time.

This collection just released last week, so you’re all set for shopping.  Individual bottle pricing is listed above next to each polish name, but if you’re feeling the grabby fingers, full set is $65.  Let’s spend some money today!  Click here and be happy.

And now, the linky loos.  Connect with LPL, stat:



Fan Group

Thanks for hanging in here with me while I try to write a blog without writing a blog (with jazz hands).  It’s hard to just give you a description and show you pictures and then move on to the next one like I ain’t a big drool-y mess and this is all NO BIG DEAL.  Cuz it IS a big deal to the trillionth degree, let me assure you.  Lollipop Posse Lacquer is legit no joke, and Karen is the QUEEN.  In other words, you’re buying 18,000 bottles.  Weeee!

Later, loves!


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  1. Gorgeous collection, def a case of noodle legs. My favorites are But My Hands are Busy in the Air and Borderline. You’re a sucker for green, I love turquoises with pink shimmer!


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