Octopus Party Nail Lacquer: Polish Pickup June 2017


Wasn’t I just in here blogging? I swear I was.  If there’s some kind of award coming, no one’s surprised. Cuz Best Blogger Ever, at the minimum.  Although if Leonardo happens instead, well who’s arguing with that surprising turn of events? NOT THIS LADY. 

Okay, no chatting lest we accidentally spend the next 18 years in here.  I’ve got more goodies for the Polish Pickup this weekend!  Take a look at what our pal, Dave, from Octopus Party Nail Lacquer made for us:


Gah! So pretty. 

Again, this month’s theme is Under the Sea so Dave went all ROCKET SCIENCE for it and named his polish Luciferin after the light emitting enzyme/compound found in organisms that emit bioluminescence.  Like this octopus thingy down below:

Or I assume so.  I dunno.  I can tell you who won Dancing with the Stars every season since 2005, though, if you’re interested.

So this is a navy/cobalt blue jelly with a modest sprinkling of iridescent glitters. I did three coats in my swatches, although you may think about stopping at two. DON’T DO IT. That third coat is like angels singing. The depth of color is absolutely divine. Did someone just hand me a basket full of kitties? Might as well have. 

Here’s some macros to aid in the decisioning:

DONE. In the cart she goes!

I typed it all out in my last post, but no one’s in the mood now for carpal tunnel so if you’d like more info on the concept of the Polish Pickup, you can read the FAQs here.

The sale opens on Friday, June 2 at 11am EST and will stay open all the way thru Monday, June 5. Cost varies between makers, but OPNL’s polish will retail for $11. Shipping is a flat $3, which is just one more reason to love everything about this scenario. So click here for shopping then!

Don’t forget: to get connected with future sales and to participate in the nomination and voting of themes, join the Polish Pickup group on Facebook. Click here!

Okay, that’s it on this one. Stay tuned for more pretties!  You don’t wanna miss out on any of it, so setting 17 alarms sounds about right. 

Later, loves!


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