Nailed It!: Mother’s Day Collection 


For the one who hosted the Mother’s Day cookout, you’d think it would’ve gone better.  Cuz for some reason, my sister left her 27,000 calorie coconut cheesecake at my house, and now I am forced to eat that delicious thing for dinner for nigh on eternity.  In other words, I’m not getting skinny any time soon.  Ugh.

Gotta be quick with the blog tonight so I can attempt to go to bed like a normal person.  We’ll see how that goes.  Cuz every time I think it’s finally gonna happen, the episode where Uncle Joey gets his tongue stuck in a Coke bottle comes on, and then it’s a Full House extravaganza whether I like it or not.

But here we go anyway …

Tia from Nailed It! sent me this gorgeous Mother’s Day collection to review for you all.  Who’s in the mood for a basket full of pink things?  (You, to be clear.)  Take a look:


Welp, let’s get the smiling like an idiot part out of the way first, shall we?  Perhaps you need to go off by yourself for a second, lest someone walk in on you while you’ve got your eyes closed, looking stupid. Seriously, I have to blog in a separate room otherwise hubby be there lurking with the judgy eyes.  I mean, can he not just hold the remote and look straight ahead like a proper husband?  Blah.

First up is Because I Said So:

This one has a nude pink base with gold and rose gold flakies.  And it’s DELICIOUS.  I’m not usually one for neutral shades, but the flakies, guys.  The dadgum flakies!  Everything else is moot.  Two smooth coats and a thousand buckets to drool in.  At minimum.

Close up of the goodies:

You done died.  You did.

Next up is Wine O’clock:

This one has a brown-toned wine base with a touch of red and lots of pretty gold holo.  It’s my faaaaaavorite!  I love this darker shade so much.  Cuz anytime my sad white sausages can look anywhere close to HAND MODEL!, we’re shoving them in stranger’s faces in about 2.5 seconds.  Completely normal behavior, pretty sure.

Yep, you’re getting this:

There’s no other option at this point.

Now here’s Hot Mess Momma:

This one is a glitter bomb full of pink and silver holo glitters in a clear base.  I did three coats on top of naked nails for my swatches, but it would look so good as a topper if you’d rather go that route.  I’d show you myself but I don’t plan things very well.  BEST BLOGGER EVER, is what you’re thinking.

Although, I did go outside for this shot.  Effort = made.

Points for putting pants on!  Sooooo, hopefully a Starbucks is coming.

Macro, in case you want to pass out a little:

Okay, that was nuts.  Whew!

Lastly, here’s Mums the Word:

This one has a pink cream base with a pink shift and holographic sparkle.  It’s super girly and just plain adorable.  If you’re holding tiny sandwiches next, no one’s surprised.  Tea with the Queen?  BRING IT.

Let’s make it official:

All of it, in the cart.  Stat.  Despite my clear expert photography skills, cuz a blurry macro just happens sometimes.  I might’ve gotten sidetracked by another dadgum piece of coconut cheesecake, but who honestly knows.

The round up:

This Mother’s Day collection is available now, so if you feel like spending some money at this very moment, well you’re about to have a var var good day.  Here’s the deets:

Full 4-piece set retails at $30

Single bottles are $8.50

And don’t forget, I have a discount code!  Use dianna15 at checkout to get 15% off your order.  That is your prize for reading all the way to the bottom.  Toots for you!

Click here for shopping, then congratulate yourself for the good decisioning.  Pajamas for everyone!  And maybe half this cheesecake, cuz I refuse to be the only one sitting here with her fat hanging out.

Later, loves!


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