SwatchFest 2017: The Howling Boutique’s Supermoon Lacquer


Hubby’s gonna have to put his book on astrophysics somewhere else less close to my stack of US Weeklies, cuz if there’s a dumb one in the family it sure as hell ain’t me.  I mean, I know what he’s doing cuz it’s the same thing I was doing when I had that Benjamin Franklin biography sitting on the coffee table for about 18 years.  SMART PEOPLE LIVE HERE, in case y’all need proof.

However, I haven’t read a proper book since 2015.  Long gone are the days when I was up to my eyeballs in historical fiction, novels about the Kings and Queens of British royalty, and dramas set during World War II.  You know, meaty stuff, good for the brain.  Nowadays, my reading material is slightly less impressive.  A memoir about a man born with two weenies, then?  GIMME.  Although surprisingly less scientific than expected, I can read it with one eye napping, and that’s about all the attention span I can manage.

I did download a book on my Kindle the other day, and made an attempt to get into over the weekend.  I went to my bedroom, and made such a show of it.  Robe, check.  Wine cooler, check.  Propped up by about a thousand tiny pillows, check.  And things were going so well.  One page done.  Swipe left.  Two pages done.  Swipe left.  Three paaa ge s don eeee, swwwww …… zzzzzzzzzzz.


Still working on finding that balance.  Clearly I’m not doing so well.

But the polish!  GUYS.  I got a really nice PR pack in the mail from sweet Mardi with The Howling Boutique’s Supermoon Lacquer, and y’all are just gonna trip over yourselves trying to get in line first .  Thank goodness for online shopping, cuz it’s about to get super elbow jabby in here, I just know it.


Gah!  Do you see?!  It’s a Black Friday-style frenzy, at the minimum.  WANT, WANT, and NEED.  That’s your new motto.

First up is from their inaugural Ready to Launch collection, inspired by astronomy and space.  Here is Mystic Mountain:

Do you hear angels?  I hear angels.

For the nerds:  Mystic Mountain is a region observed in the Carina Nebula where newly formed stars fire off gas jets from within the peaks of this towering dust pillar located roughly 7500 light years from Earth.

For the Crazy Nail Lady (you, to be clear):  This one has a strong purple multichrome base with green to orange shifting shimmer and turquoise/purple/red chameleon shimmer.  ORRRRRRRRRR! Just a bunch of delicious things in a bottle.  Either way.

Under the lamps, even Science just shrugs it’s shoulders and goes back to bed:

Macro, for extra drool factor:

I mean, COME ON. How you’re able to walk away now is beyond me. Don’t make me grab the basket of kitties. Seriously, don’t do it.

Next up is from the Chosen Collection.  Here is Fight Your Demons:

All polishes in this collection were voted on by members of the Wolf Pack, the Howling Boutique’s group on Facebook.  Which means you have 2.5 seconds to join the group or else we need to have a talk about your brain.  Cuz I am the boss of you, that’s why.  Click here!

This one has a reddish brown multichrome base with gold and copper sparks, gold to green shifting shimmer and red/orange/gold chameleon shimmer.  I don’t know what it is about a brown polish, but it’s about 27 bottles away from ending up on all the surfaces.

More macros, in case you haven’t died enough today:

It’s a noodle leg epidemic!

Another one from the Ready to Launch collection.  This is Pistol Star:

For the nerds:  A blue hypergiant – a really bright star showing signs of losing mass at a very high rate – that’s named after and illuminates the Pistol Nebula.  It’s one of the most luminous stars in the Milky Way.

Well, that sounds about right.

For those with the lolling tongues:  This one has an intense bright blue duochrome base with turquoise to red and blue to purple shifting shimmer and some scattered holo.  I love glowy blues like this so much.  For real, there goes my ladylike composure, and quite honestly, no one’s surprised.

Macros, to aid the convincing:

Yep.  In the cart she goes!  No other choice.

Lastly, another one from the Chosen Collection.  Here’s my ultimate favorite, Green Goddess:

This one has an olive green multichrome base loaded with copper sparks, gold shimmer and copper/green/gold chameleon shimmer.  NOW PAY ATTENTION.  Cuz green is happening.  OMG.  You guys.  This one has me picking my jaw off the floor like 18,000 times.  If hubby walked in right now, he’d be so sad about the puddle of goo he’s married to.

A ridiculous display of pretty:

Seriously.  The Ugly Ecstasy Face is so dire.  The tongue is never going back in, I swear it.

The round up:

If you’re still upright at this point, you might be a robot.  Cuz DANG.

Here’s your shopping deets:

Mystic Mountain retails for $10 and will be restocking this week (or so)

Fight Your Demons retails for $10 and is available now

Pistol Star retails for $11 and is also available now

Green Goddess retails for $10 although should be a billion, and it’s available now too

Mardi says all of these polishes will be continually restocked, so if you miss out an any of them, keep checking back.  Set 27,000 alarms cuz no one has time for rational behavior.

Click here for shopping!

And now, some linky loos:

Facebook Page – click here

Facebook Fan Group – click here

Instagram – click here

Etsy store, where you can find Mardi’s jewelry – click here

Leonardo DiCaprio, where you can find me hiding in a stalker-y, smother-y kind of way – click here

Later, loves!


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