Frenzy Polish: Warcraft – A Final Collection of Prototypes


Winter Apocalypse, you can just go sit back down.  You can take your ice blanket and your freezing rain and your treacherous drives to (well, Starbucks, probably) and go sit the eff down.  Ugh.  I swear, if this storm takes away my internet, I’m gonna have to karate chop something.  I don’t know what yet, but hubby might need to stay in another room just to be safe.  Until lunchtime that is.  I mean, I’ll still want a sandwich later.

While we wait for the whole city to shutdown, let’s talk polish.  (Always a good idea.)

My sweet friend, Rachel, owns Frenzy Polish and she’s most recently come to a decision to take a hiatus from her business due an unexpected decline in her husband’s health.  At this point, she is needing to focus her attention on giving him the care he needs, which means there’s not much time and energy left to keep Frenzy Polish up and going.  There is one last collection to release before the official end, so if you love your Frenzies, y’all pay attention.  While Rachel goes off to win Best Wife Award (seriously, she is THE BEST), we’re all gonna come together and clean out her entire store.  Okay?  Okay.

Featuring Warcraft, a final collection of prototypes:

This is a collection of 18 polishes all inspired by World of Warcraft, the game that helped launch Frenzy Polish.  Seems only fitting to come full circle, right?

Rachel was kind enough to allow me to share her swatch pics, as this collection was not sent out to bloggers.  So below are her nails showing off all the polishes.  Make some notes, take some screenshots, then I’ll tell you all you need to know at the bottom.  Here we go!

Fel Flame:

Sprite Darter:

Trifling Gnome!:


For the Horde!:

Of the North Wind:

Jade Serpent:

For the Alliance:

Crimson Thicket:

WTB Healer:

Mana Pool:

Death Gate:


Ebon Hold:

Ysondre’s Fall:

Swamp of Sorrows:

Run Away, Little Girl:

You Are Not Prepared: 

The round up:

I’ll admit:  I don’t understand any of those polish names.  I feel like maybe I’m missing out on this whole gamer thing.  I mean, I made a kick-ass fake bakery over the course of two years, but it’s quite possible Bakery Story and World of Warcraft are not exactly the same thing.  But I dunno.

Okay, so each polish will have at least 30-40 bottles available; some might even have 50-60.  But once they are gone they will not be restocked, so if you see one you like, go ahead and set like 17 alarms. Chances are they’ll be gone pretty quick.

Aside from the Warcraft prototype collection, there will be mystery grab bags available containing polishes from all the additional remaining inventory.  You get 4 full size bottles (randomly selected) for $20.  Ummmm, that’s practically free right?  Tell your hubbies, wifies and whatnot, cuz all this right here:  IMMEDIATELY JUSTIFIED.

Release date for this collection is tomorrow, January 13th at 7pm EST.  Click here to go shopping.  Shop will remain open until all inventory is gone.

Some more linkies:

Frenzy Polish Instagram – click here

The Elusive Fox Boutique – Rachel’s other business venture full of original art pieces – click here

My Instagram – cuz it’s the right thing to do – click here

That’s it, guys.  Be sure to buy some stuff tomorrow.  I’m not even kidding.  DO IT.  And Rachel – we will miss you.  Thank you for making our nails so pretty these last couple of years.


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