Tonic Polish: Holiday 2016 Collection 


For real, would it kill my cat just one time to let me kiss him on the mouth without him wiggling away from me in disgust?  I mean, the more he doesn’t want me to do it, the more I have to. It’s the basic law of the universe. Cuz I can hold my breath for 17 seconds just fine until I’m told I have to hold my breath for 17 seconds.

Even the fact I know my boy cat sticks his face in my girl cat’s butt doesn’t seem to be much of a deterrent on my part. I’m not sure what that says about me as a person. Either I’m the most dedicated cat lover that ever lived, or something is clearly wrong with my brain. Cuz this girl wouldn’t dare eat a deformed M&M since those are clearly the poison ones. But cat mouth that just spent a couple minutes hovering around a butthole? Not fazed.

Okay, it’s definitely my brain. I have no idea how I’m still married.

I have some lovely holiday polishes from Tonic Polish to share with you today. This collection was released once already, but sold out in roughly an hour, so I had to postpone this blog until the next release. Which is happening tomorrow, so get your shopping hands ready.  And prepare your eyes:

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. Now you understand how these things disappeared so fast. They are some of the prettiest polishes you will ever own, I swear.  My swatches, I’m afraid, don’t even do them justice. But here’s my best effort anyway.  Lesssss go!

First up is Magnetic Midnight:

Do you see that camera freak-out?  So much holo and shift and nail polish goodness, my camera just like shrugged it’s shoulders and went back to bed.  But then I dragged its ass back out and said WE ARE NOT QUITTERS.  So here’s more pics:

This one is a medium cobalt blue that shifts from purple, red and even gold at the furthest angle with scattered holo and tiny silver micro glitters.  Formula was thicker than expected cuz all these polishes looked so delicate and ladylike to me.  But NO.  They were all two coaters and perfect for women on the go – like me.

Just kidding.  I like pajamas.

Next up is the fan favorite, Dragon Tears:

If someone was to ask me which one is a must have cuz they were unable to get the whole collection, Dragon Tears would be it.  My brain literally stopped holding my mouth closed on this one.  There might’ve been a drooling-type scenario in progress as well.  It’s THAT gorgeous.  I mean, you’ll look like a melting puddle of goo.  But your nails will be spectacular.

Lindsey used the shiftiest pigment she could find – and the result is mindblowing.  We’ve got it shifting through the entire rainbow, from green to blue, purple, red, peach, gold and back to green again.  Add more scattered holo and micro glitter, and you might as well just lay down and faint for a second.

And this macro:

You done died.  You did.

Next is Alchemy:

For me, this one competes really well with Dragon Tears cuz it’s got all my warm, cozy colors in it.  It looks like a campfire, does it not?  (It does.  I checked.)

Alright.  Now it’s just getting ridiculous.  How fabulous does this look under the lamps?  This is a red, pink, orange, and gold shifting multichrome with a blue/purple shadow.  More holo.  More glitter.  More fainting.

Someone, bring me my smelling salts, stat.

This macro makes me sleepy, but in a good way:

Holy moly, she’s pretty!

For the most unique of the bunch, I give you Incandescent:

I’m looking at you like, Right?! Right?!  And you are nodding your head in agreement because we’ve all been brainwashed at this point.  There’s no walking away now.  This collection has sucked you in and all six are going in the basket!

How often do you hear the phrase metallic ballet pink with peach and icy lemon yellow shift?  Damn near never.  That’s why I love it so.  It’s truly magical, and maybe this one is my favorite now.  I dunno.  My brain hurts from too much decisioning.  

Now we have Luminescent:

Like gossamer wings.  Angel dust.  It’s ethereal and ghostly and all things beautiful.  I’d tell you you want this, but you already know.

This one is a delicate metallic aquamarine with a soft shift of pale blue and lilac purple.  It’s seriously stunning.  I’m about to lose all the words and make groan-y throat noises instead.  Uhhhhhhhnnnnnnn.  See?

Last one is Stars at Twilight:

This one is a little different from the others as it’s creme based, but OH MY.  I can’t deal with all this pretty.  Seriously.  Someone is just gonna have to put the mashed potatoes in my mouth for me cuz I’ve done floated out of my own body.  It’ll make for an interesting Christmas dinner to say the least.  Ugh.  

This one is a dark denim blue cream with red, pink, and gold shifting shimmer with silver holo micro glitter.  No holo this time, but every bit of gorgeous, clearly.

If you’re not properly convinced, here’s a macro to make you rethink your life choices:

And my job here is done.

The round up:

This entire collection – plus several other of Tonic’s other lovely polishes – will be available tomorrow on the Color4Nails website.  I’m not even joking when I say to set a dang alarm.  Store opens at 11am PST (2pm EST) and you don’t want to miss it.

HOWEVER.  In case you somehow forget to rearrange your priorities (Tonic Polish up top, people!), Lindsey will be restocking them in her Etsy shop sometime after the new year.  So join her Facebook group (click here) and then watch her Etsy shop (click here) and be in the know.  You won’t regret, you’ll probably even thank me for it – and in that case, I like Starbucks and Visa gift cards.

Hope everyone is having happy holidays!  I want to say thank you to all my friends who continue to read this ridiculous blog ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM.  You make my heart feel good.

Later, loves!

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