Blush Lacquers: December Releases


I just checked the fitness app on my phone and there are 230 steps on there from yesterday.  Which means I spent an entire day wearing pajamas, taking naps, watching my husband get the Christmas tree down from the attic, and painting my nails at the kitchen table.  So, var var busy, you might say.

In my defense, on November 19 I racked up 41 steps for the day, and I’m pretty sure that’s the equivalent of going to the restroom like one time then back to the couch for eons.  Even I am aware of how sad that is.  So my 230 steps for yesterday was basically a marathon waiting to happen.

I dunno guys.  I take laziness to the next level, and I know that’s not a good thing.  Last time I made an effort to exercise, it was 1997 and I peed my pants while doing jumping jacks.  AND THAT WAS THE END OF THAT.

I’m always on the verge of exercising though.  I have an elliptical in the spare room to prove it.  There’s clothes draped all over it, but that is beside the point.

Before I start feeling bad about myself, let’s move on to something more cheerful – nail polish!  I received a huge batch of Blush Lacquers goodies to share with you, and I know I say it time and time again, but you’re gonna love each and every one of these.

Let’s start with the 6-piece Holo Holo-days collection:

Holo moly!  This is the first time Victoria has offered us holographic polishes, and can I just say THANK YOU?  These are all really lovely, super saturated, and (for all of you who don’t like painting your nails for 17 hours a day like me) practical one-coaters.

First up is Reindeer Games:

Yep, you need this one.  There’s just something about a reddish orange that gets me right in the belly.  If this polish was clear across the room and I really really wanted it, I would consider walking over there myself instead of asking my husband to do it.  I love it THAT much.

Victoria calls it a red clay, and that sounds about right.  It’s red, but with a touch or orange and a bit of brown. Like a reindeer, I suppose.  Also, two coats here but I know loads of people who would’ve stopped at one.  People with things to go do (i.e., not me).

I did a split macro to show you the differences in Reindeer Games and two other colors you may have in your collection.  This was hard work getting the images to line up (or not line up), sooooooo …

I like gift cards.  Thanks.

Next up is this purple beauty called Sugar Plum Fairy:

Another good one!  That’s the theme for the day, by the way.  Every single one of these is going in the shopping cart.  Just so we’re clear.

Another split macro for you cuz who’s the best blogger in all the land?

(Me.  The answer to that question is always ME.)

Now we have Mistletoe Kisses:

Oooooh.  I just love this one!  You know how I am about dark polishes.  Anything to make me appear less pale, ya know?  Cuz the last time I had a tan was in 1994 and someone had peed in the trashcan next to the tanning bed, and well, wearing this polish seems to be much much less traumatic.

And yet ANOTHER split macro.  OMG, I’m so good at blogging.

All that teal.  Goodness, so pretty!  As a side mention, if you like that color Flaunt It above, it’s still available in Blush’s Last Chance section.  Which means GO NOW cuz the words “last chance” does not mean feet up on the coffee table having a Starbucks like you’d expect.  Sadly, no couch time for you.  Or for me, the real travesty.

Here’s In My Elf Suit:

A green!  Well, guess who’s excited?  And this one is even more special because it’s olive green, a pretty rare thing in a holographic.

I’ve mentioned before that my idea of exercise is having my husband go do stuff for me, and yes, I’m quite aware how un-skinny that makes me.  However, unlike Reindeer Games above where I said I’d consider it, this one is definitely worth walking across the room for.  Although don’t get too excited: I’ll probably grab a bag of Doritos on the way back.

Of course, we gotta have a blue.  Here is Midnight Sleigh Ride:

It’s like bright and dark at the same time; it’s magical!  I’m on the verge of a loss for words.  I’ve been writing this post for like 18 years, trying to come up with something clever to say that hasn’t already been said.  It’s nigh on impossible.  It is what it is:  beautiful, stunning, lovely, gorgeous – all of the pretty words poured into a bottle.

Uhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnn.  See?  No words.  Just groan-y throat noises.

Last one in the collection is On the Naughty List:

ANOTHER green!  Okay, who just handed me a bunch of kitties, cuz I’m the happiest of all things happy.  For real, my love affair with green is getting ridiculous.

I can see no logical reason why you’re not buying this collection.  It’s basically a math equation you can’t argue with.  Or a science one, if that convinces you better.  Also, I’m the boss of you, soooo ..

Next release is the October What’s Your Fantasy polish called Bloodlines.  Check out this most amazing macro:

Gah!  I die.  She’s sultry and fiery and pretty dang sexy.  You’re gonna need this one too, by the way.  Put it in your basket.

This beauty has been in the works for like 6 weeks, but good gracious was it worth the wait.  The gold shimmer in here is intense, and the copper to gold shifting flakies are what dreams are made of.  But look at this beauty under the lamps:

I’m a big, melting puddle of goo.  I can’t even believe how pretty this is.  And totally worth walking around all day with your LED lamp.  I mean, not normal, but definitely worth it.  And the urge to stick your fingers in people’s faces is REAL with this one, you guys.  Society says no, but my heart says yes.  (Also, sorry, but only a little.)

Another split macro cuz I. CANNOT. STOP.   This one is lined up pretty good too.  Quick!, someone get me a horn so I can toot it.

Lastly, this month Victoria created two customs exclusively for the members of her Facebook fan group.  Are you a member?  Well, you should be.  Seriously, it’s practically mandatory at this point.

Inspiration photos were submitted and voted on and these two polishes were born.  And they’re thermals, another new thing not offered by Blush before.  For real, all your holiday wishes have officially come true.  Pajamas for everyone!

First up is Crystal Crush:

How amazing is this?  Victoria nailed that inspiration photo!  This is polish voodoo at its finest people.

Base on this one is like a faded denim blue when warm then dark blue-grey when cooled with added holo and magenta to blue shifting flakies.  I love how these two shades blend together.  A perfect combo.  If it was any more perfect, it might as well be a couch and pajamas, cuz I can’t think of anything else more fabulous than that.

Since this is a thermal polish, you know I took like 187 photos of it trying to get the best transition shot.  And the hours I spent with my hand in ice water, having anxiety.  Ugh.  My love for you has no limits.

More transition shots for you.  Nerd alert!  Someone got excited about fonts.

Well, you gotta admit, it’s a pretty cool photo.  Sometimes it pays off to spend your childhood collecting office supplies and matching postage stamps to envelopes to send off to your 60 pen pals you found in the back of a Tiger Beat magazine.  As in, BIG DORK, which is what I really meant to say.

Last custom is Ride Into the Sunset:

Another excellent recreation of that inspiration photo.  I dare you to find one thing Victoria missed.  I know; you can’t!  She truly is a polish wizard.

On this one, we have a pink base in its warm state which turns to purple once cool and loaded with gold flakies.  It was hard to capture a really sweet blending shot since the pink and purple were such opposites, but it was either these photos or I’d still be standing in my kitchen with my hand in the freezer.  Swatching can be hard sometimes.

So, not the worst, but it is important to point out how individually pretty these two colors are.  It stays mostly pink on me, so good thing I like that one! 

And of course, I had to do another nerdy display of fonts.  You’re welcome, friends! 

My cat just jumped on the bed and laid down by my feet, and now I can’t concentrate on anything else.  I can count on one hand how many times he’s done this cuz most of the time he’s hating me while I’m trying to kiss him in his face.  Basically what I’m saying is I gotta wrap up this blog cuz all my kitty dreams are coming true.  And I do not want to miss THAT.

The round up:

All of them, GOOD.  All of them, IN YOUR BASKET.

But first things first, the Blush Lacquers Facebook fan group – get on it, girlfriends.  Click here to join, cuz a) it’s FREE (we love free!), and b) it’s the only way to get the custom polishes.  They’re on pre-sale until December 17, so no rush or anything, but GO NOW just to be safe.  After the 17th, they will no longer be sold.  Are you properly panicked?  Well, you should be.

Once you’ve joined the group, click here to order everything in this blog.  And then I’ll take a Starbucks, a Visa gift card, and a Leonard DiCaprio, not necessarily in that order.

Later, loves!


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