Posh Paints: Holiday 2016 Collection 


Someone needs to come take my internet away.  Ugh.  Who else spent all their husband’s paycheck on nail polish?  In my defense, I wanted them all.  And I was wearing pajamas.  A dangerous, dangerous combo.

I mean, how easy is it to shop from home? (Very.)  Stores never close.  I can do it in the bathtub or with one eye watching a Full House marathon.  And there’s zero shopping carts, zero elbows, and zero karate chops in the throat.  In other words, no crazy people and an extremely successful Black Friday (depending on your definition of successful; hubby may disagree).

While we wait for the mailman to stuff my tiny mailbox with a hundred different packages, let’s look at some pretties!  I received the Posh Paints Holiday Collection to review for you today.  We’re about to get in a festive mood!

As much as I do not enjoy winter weather, I do love a pretty holiday nail polish.  All that red and green and BLING.  My heart can’t take it y’all.  I’m gonna need some smelling salts and a Victorian fainting couch.  And prolly a Starbucks, just to be safe.

First up is Win-Tree Weather:

Green, oh glorious green!  Has there ever been a lovelier color?  Of course a holiday collection wouldn’t be right without a green in it.  (Seriously.  I checked.)  And nobody wants to break rules this close to Christmas, now do they?  Stay on your best behavior – at least until after the gifts – is a wise rule to live by.

So we have a beautiful green jelly base filled with micro holographic flakies and gold shimmer.  Formula was super easy and effortless – two ridiculously smooth coats – and now you have time to go run your errands, drive your kids around, be Parent of the Year if you damn well please.  I, on the other hand, will just go sit over here and pick cat hair off my sofa for a minute.  In other words, var var busy.

Then I did this nail art thing:

Sometimes I do cute things.  I like this star mani!  Used some silver and gold stamping polish from Powder Perfect and a cute star charm from the Cosette Nail Shop.  Very quick design, which is hands-down my favorite kind.

Next up is All That Glitters is Snow:

My eyes, my eyes! Man, that’s sparkly.  This is definitely a party polish.  Perfect for people that have a life and go “do stuff.”  Or the opposite of me, if you’d rather.  I’m sorry.  I’m well aware that doing nothing doesn’t make you skinny, but it does give you an excellent manicure, which is a good trade in my opinion.

I mean, see?  Laying on couches has its advantages and now you have proof.  Pajamas for everyone!

Base on this one was clear but so full of holographic flakies and glitters, that the coverage was excellent.  No undies, no sponged coats.  Just apply like a regular polish and get your party on (or your Netflix marathon; whatever).

More nail art:

Just some simple stamping.  Used the Make Your Mark 02 plate from Lina Nail Art Supplies and made a surprisingly un-Christmasy design. In my head, this looked much more festive.  Naturally that’s the case.  My daydreams are always better than my reality.  You should see how young and thin I am up there. Oh, and Leonardo!  Such a good husband.

Now here’s S is For Sledding:

What a sexy little thing!  Phwoar!  Or a fat santa suit.  Either way.

I’m telling you: these polishes are all so dang pretty.  If you like sparkle, these are your new best friends.  And normally, I don’t gravitate towards red.  But throw in a few holos and flakies, and I’m basically a puddle of goo.

Same formula here as the green one. Jelly base.  Ultra easy to use.  Effortless.  What more could you ask for?  Well, besides a warm blanket and a lap full of kitties.  Maybe some butterscotch schnapps in your coffee.  But after that, nothing.

Someone’s feeling festive:

This is the holiday mani I intended to do, but my brain got sidetracked.  Well, Leonardo was holding a Starbucks and a Visa gift card up there, and so obviously nothing else mattered at that point.  Gimme.

Next up is ‘Tis the Season:

How the momentum just keeps going and going is beyond me.  Another beauty.  Another heartbeat, skipped.  Lordt.

Again, perfect for parties or other social events.  It’s times like these that I wish I cared enough to put pants on.

So. Much. Bling.  There’s loads.  Gold base, gold holo glitters, holographic pigment AND gold shimmer.  If it was any more gold-er, you could use it to barter with. You know, in case you have a need for raccoon pelts or a goat or something.

OMG, what am I even talking about? Shut up, brain. I almost deleted all that, but I’m keeping it in there as proof of my lunacy. Cuz in case I spend all my life savings on nail polish, I have evidence of my medical condition and therefore JUSTIFIED.

The only snow I’ll ever accept:

Okay, I love this one.  It’s super simple, but I love the gold and black contrast.  I used the B. Loves Plates Let it Snow plate, and I highly recommend it.  Lots of cute snowflake images.  Comes from Poland where I assume it snows year round, which probably isn’t a very sound assumption (cuz NAIL POLISH not geography, ugh), but regardless, I’m pretty sure they’re experts on snow.  Thus excellent snowflake stamping plates.

Sorry.  Lunacy.  We’ve discussed this already.

Last but not least, here’s Meet Me Under the Mistletoe:

Told ya this collection was festive.  Absolute perfect holiday polishes.  And this one is a straight up glitter bomb.  Top photo shows the separate glitters, but it’s the one below under direct lighting that takes it to the next level.  Look:

Sparkly!  The base here is holographic glitter (obvs) and then loaded up with green, red and gold glitters of various sizes.  Very easy application once again.  I love that!  I want this all over my body like stat.

TMI?  Not in this blog!


WTF is this one?  Dunno.  Lithuanian flag probably.  Sorry, guys.  I ran out of steam.

The round up:

Ooooh, don’t those look so pretty lined up like that?  You guys gotta get this collection.  Each polish is $9 or you can get the collection for $40.  That’s a discount for those not mathematically inclined.  You can buy them by clicking here.  Available December 1 at 12pm EST.  Set an alarm!  (Cuz I’m the boss of you, that’s why.)

And then you have some Instagram obligations to take care of.  It’s the right thing to do.  And this friendship is reciprocal whether you like it or not.

Posh Paints – click here

Me – click here

Now that’s the holiday spirt.  Later, loves!

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