Pretty & Polished: Black Friday Specials


Who’s ready to go get punched in the face by an old lady trying to snag the last RCA television that’s on sale for a dollar?  Not me! Although I’m sure some of you are completely fine with that cuz Black Friday is your rite of passage and you have no problem crawling out of bed at 3am to go stand at the door to Toys R Us for nigh on eternity.

This is why online shopping was invented, people. Stay home and shop from the comfort of your pajamas. If you wanna get up at 3am, get up at 3am. But why get in your car and go stand amongst the crazies if you don’t have to?

Clearly, Black Friday gives me anxiety. Too many people, all up in my business. Trapped in a sea of a thousand shopping carts all trying to go down the same aisle. Arms everywhere. No thank you. Gimme an iPad, a credit card (preferably my husband’s) and a Starbucks, and I’m the happiest of all things happy.

Let’s prepare this thing properly, shall we?Pretty & Polished has an ENTIRE week full of shopping opportunities. Starts today, right now, so here’s what you need to know:

🍁Monday 11/21 (that’s now, to be clear) – Free domestic shipping with orders over $10 using code: FreeShip

🍁Tuesday 11/22 – 20% off plus free mani melt using code: Tuesday20

🍁Wednesday 11/23 – Beauty Boxes 15% off using code: Box15

🍁Thursday 11/24 (Thanksgiving) – Free polish with orders over $10; no code needed; swatches of the polish is below

🍁Friday 11/25 (Black Friday) – 35% off sitewide (doesn’t include Boxes) using code: BlackFriday2016

🍁In addition, if you’re international (where you shop like the civilized people God intended), your code is Int20 and you get 20% off Monday thru Thursday and 35% off Friday with code: BlackFriday2016

Basically, there is absolutely no reason why you’re not shopping every single day this week. Everything is practically free and you deserve it because I said so.

As for the free polish you get for shopping on Thanksgiving, she is called Exclusively Yours, and here’s 17 billion photos:

Give or take a few billion. But I wanted you to see all the loveliness in all the scenarios you could imagine.  Indoors, outdoors, and while walking around holding your LED lamp – as us nail ladies are prone to do.

Two coats of a beautiful raspberry pink, and chock full of a ridiculous amount of glitter and sparkle.  It’s super pretty!

And that’s it. Your guide to Black Friday begins and ends here. Now how easy (and elbow jab-free) was that?!  Ahhhh, pajamas never felt so good. 

To order, click here

Later, loves!

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