The Digit-al Dozen: Color Contrasts (day two)


My husband has gone off on yet another business trip just in time for the house to be haunted.  Cuz I’m 97.65867% certain my cats didn’t rearrange my meticulously placed pile of nail polish by themselves.  Granted, the polishes were laying in a little foam tray on my bed, and Chloe gets her claws stuck in everything (blankets, my hair, possibly foam trays) so I suppose there’s a minute chance she might’ve had something to do with it.

I stress minute.  Because this scenario is wayyyy less guilt-inducing for my husband who has left me alone to fend for food by myself.  Someone needs to come take this family size bag of Doritos AWAY.  It’s not a proper dinner.  And neither is this brownie.

OMG, do I have no self control?! (No I do not.)

In my defense, this house is haunted and therefore JUSTIFIED.  Right?  Right.

It’s the second day of the Digit-al Dozen’s Color Contrast manis.  Here’s a little purple and yellow number I dreamed up:


I’m totally diggin how simple but awesome this looks.  Color theory is an amazing thing.  It’s the best little accessory, if you ask me.  

Here’s what I used:

PURPLE:  Nvr Enuff Polish Cupids Crossbow – pretty sure this was a Valentine’s limited edition and probably not available anymore, but if you’re anything like me, you have 147 other purple polishes in your stash you could use instead

YELLOW:  KB Shimmer Citrine – Part of their Birthstone Collection; some of my favorite all purpose, accent nail polishes

VINYLS:  What’s Up Nails Stiletto vinyls, my new fave – such a fun shape!  Originally purchased so I wouldn’t have to learn how to freehand ladybug nails, but I’m kinda liking them now in their natural state.  I mean, I’m still not gonna learn how to freehand ladybugs though.

Well that’s it, gang.  Hope you’re loving these simple designs I’m making for you.  These are no experience necessary manis, and sometimes those are my favorite kinds.

Also, LAZY.

Don’t forget to click the button below to see all the rest of the the Digit-al Dozen ladies!  Do it now – there’s some good ones in there.

Later, loves!

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