Glisten & Glow: Winter 2016 Collection


I’ll be glad when this bowl of Halloween candy is off my coffee table.

I mean, it’s our fault, I guess.  We live in a neighborhood that no one purposely drives by unless you live here.  So it’s not actually a surprise that we get approximately two trick-or-treaters on Halloween night.  And that includes my two grandchildren.  But we bought 18 bags of candy just in case this year would be our year.

It wasn’t.  What the hell am I supposed to do with 76 pounds of Rice Krispy Treats?  If you guessed eating them, sadly, you are correct.  Ugh.  I’m fat.

So before I slip into a sugar coma, let me tell you about some nail polish.  I have the Glisten & Glow Winter Collection for you.  If you like rich, glossy cremes, you better have yourself a seat and your smelling salts handy:  it’s about to get serious.


I know!  Delicious!  Especially that one that looks like butterscotch pudding.  And the caramelly chocolate one, too.  OMG, I need a candy bar.

First up is this luscious deep forest green called Coats & Curling:

Welp, this is starting out well.  Cuz GREEN.  Isn’t it the most glorious color?  If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, y’all already know how much I love green.  And if you haven’t been reading this blog for a while, you’ve got over 200 posts to read, so GET ON IT.  Work and food are overrated anyway.

Just kidding.  Food (or just Starbucks) gets a pass.  And as soon as I can do my job wearing pajamas all day, we’ll readdress that situation then.  As of right now, though, the point is moot.

What am I talking about?  I dunno.  Where’s that dang candy bar, that’s what I really meant to say.

Doesn’t she look pretty all glossy like that?  This is two fabulously creamy coats. I love, I love!

Then I attempted some nail art:

It’s a pretty basic dotticure, but I used three other colors in this collection to make the dots.  And I tried to gradient them all nice-like, but you know I can’t handle making random patterns.  Last time I attempted something random, I spent like 2 hours and a lot of meticulous effort putting glitter in extremely specific places.  OCD really sucks sometimes.

In other words, you better love this.

Next up is Mittens & Mountaineering:

Well, who just wrapped me up in a warm blanket and handed me a bunch of kitties?  This color makes me feel so happy!  I don’t understand it when people don’t like brown.  Brown is comfy, cozy and relaxing.  UNLESS, you are brown grass under 2 feet of snow, well then I don’t like brown very much at all.  But I’ll take a brown campfire, a brown pile of crackling leaves, and lots and lots of brown food.  Like chocolate (we’ve discussed this already), lattes (duh), and gravy.  Gravy?  YES.  I would drink a mug of brown gravy if people weren’t so judgy with their eyes.


I probably shouldn’t blog when I’m hungry.  Although, at least there’s no risk of coming home from the grocery store with like 22 bags of Little Debbie cakes.  No, I’ll just sit on my couch, in pajamas, blogging, with Halloween candy in my mouth instead.  Success!

Did I mention these cremes stamp?  They do!  Here’s a little wheat stamp design using one of the other colors in the collection, and I think it turned out pretty good.  Showed up well over the dark base, which I find impressive as these polishes are not specificially stamping polishes.  I really love that about them.

Now we have Long Johns & Luge:

I told you it was butterscotch pudding!  Now you can’t unsee this.  I’ve put Snak-Paks on the grocery list for this weekend.  Glisten & Glow, what are you doing to me?  Why can’t I see salad in your polishes instead?  Whyyyyyeeeee?

Still two coats.  Every polish is consistently good so far.  Ultra rich, ultra smooth, ultra creamy.  Perfection in a bottle.

Sooooo, I’m pretty proud of this nail art:

I did a dry brush using three colors over the butterscotch base,  and it turned out super cool.  Added an awesome ikat chevron pattern on top, and it literally hurt my heart to remove this mani.  This is why I’m your favorite blogger.  The sacrifices, people.  THE SACRIFICES.

Next up is Flannels & Figure Skating:

What a beautiful cranberry rosy pinky red (i.e, best color description EVER).  This one looks so pretty and elegant on the nail.  Kinda girly but a bit sexy too.  It’s the opposite of a high five after cuddle time, let’s just say.

Wow wow wow.  I really love this color!  But then I did this:

And now I love it even more.  They watermarble!  Holy moly, guys.  These polishes spread in the water like a dang professional.  I’ve been on a streak of terrible watermarbles lately, and this collection has renewed my faith in myself.  They worked perfectly and effortlessly.  So very pleased.

Although don’t mind the pinky nail.  I don’t know what that is.  Looks like a nipple.  Okay, that you DEFINITELY can’t unsee.  Regardless, enjoy!

Here is the lovely Scarves & Snowboarding:

Let’s call this one a dusty, teal blue, not quite navy.  I know, that’s suuuuuper helpful.

But beautiful, so honestly, what else matters?

I can see so many winter landscape manis happening with this one, can’t you?  Looks like the perfect backdrop for a snowy night sky.

So naturally I did butterfly nail art!

Winter = blah.  In fact, my favorite thing about this winter so far is this collection of polishes.  That’s it.  Glisten & Glow, you’re the winner!

I do like this mani though.  I can’t get over the fact these stamp, and stamp well.  I get so excited when polishes do double duty.  It’s practically saving money, and therefore, you’re buying this entire collection.  I’ve decided for you, so you can get back in  pajamas now – your day is done.

Last polish is Hats & Hockey:

A deep dusty plummy purple, and all you purple lovers need to get on board.  It’s lovely!  But then I got her under the lamps and look:

Okay, gimme your smelling salts; imma need those.

Why is it I can take a picture of this mani, crop it, watermark it, post it on Instagram.  Then, and ONLY then, once I post it on my blog at the very last minute right before publishing, I notice I’ve got paint on the tip of my middle finger and now all I can see is that little smear and I just want to reach my hand into the screen with a brush and some acetone and get that shit OFF.  Oh the hives.  The hives, they are a creepin’.

Decided to use this polish strictly for stamping, which I’ve put on top of one of Glisten & Glow’s older shades, Peach Bellini (still available!).  Now, stamping over this base muted the purple color out more, but I still love what I made.  It’s so much better than the disaster I created right before this one.  The one you’ll never ever see because I have a reputation to uphold. (As a nail art genius, to be clear.)

The round up:

My, my, how pretty they all look.

So here’s the plan:

You’re gonna click here, first.  Buy all the polishes.  Toss in a couple of HK Girl top coats because I’ve used that in every single mani pic (except for the matte nail art ones, obvs), it is ridiculously glossy and all the cool kids are doing it.

Then you’re gonna go on my Instagram and click follow because we are best friends whether you like it or not.

Later, loves!

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