Glossybox | January 2015


I got three packages delivered yesterday, and I tried to sneak them into the house without my husband seeing.  I failed.  I think he must hear me open the front door then come running into the room cuz he knows I’m about to bring in an armful of boxes and he likes giving stink eye.  Granted, three packages in one day isn’t my record.  I’ve hauled in seven before.  Someone needs to take away my internet.

Here’s my Glossybox:


Glossybox is on the ball this month.  I barely finished reviewing December’s box when January’s box was shipped out.  I’m like, Glossybox? Is that you?  You know, because they are usually the very last box to arrive, sometimes into the following month, which irritates a lot of people.  And because of the nature of the products in the box, I’ve sampled everything already so I can give you actual reviews instead of bullshit like normal.  How’s that for a Happy Friday? (Amazing.)

I love it when you run out of a product on one day then receive a replacement in one of your boxes the very next day.  That has A) saved me a trip to Walmart and therefore B) counts as saving money.  Karma at work, people.  Headed to Sephora now.  BRB.

So got this Kueshi Pure & Clean Revitalizing Face Toner.  Toners are always the least exciting of any skin care regime.  I mean, it’s a bottle of liquid.  Not much can be said for it.  However, according to Glossybox’s handy dandy little product card, this is a beauty secret from Spain.  From Spain.  So now you want it.  But also, it controls shine and softens dry spots – that’s a dual action, multi-tasking miracle.  Of course, I don’t know if any of that is true, but the smell of this toner is spectacular.  Smells luscious and juicy – like a peach, maybe, but probably not meant to be a peach.  It’s hard to put a finger on it exactly, but it’s nice.  Oh so very nice.  I would buy this again and again based on the smell.  Probably not the smartest way to go about picking a skin care product, but it beats choosing it based on packaging (which I also do).

I received a little sample of the Skin & Co Truffle Therapy Serum, which I have previously reviewed in a past Empties post that you can read here.  For those of you too lazy to click something with your one finger (I mean, I understand), I’ll give you the short version:  it has a thin consistency; kind of sticky as it dries down, but then afterwards your face is very soft; and it smells kind of coconutty instead of mushroomy.  I enjoyed it very much.  For $80, I bygod better have.

My favorite thing in the box is this absolutely adorable stiff flat eyeshadow brush from Teeez Trendy.  I’m never upset for getting a brush in my box, but this is the first time a brush has wowed me.  It’s different from anything I own.  The bristles are very dense and stiff, and I feel like it deposits a nice, controlled amount of eyeshadow exactly where you want it.  Or if you want it to blur out some stubborn edges, it is “rough” enough to get the job done.  I would say it’s similar to the Sigma E25 or MAC 217 (look at me with my cool brush lingo), but still it’s not the same.  And the handle is cute as a button, which I’ve cleverly disguised behind the serum tube because I take product pictures like a boss.

I was a little indifferent about receiving the Vichy Purete Thermale 3-in-1 Cleanser because I’m overloaded with cleanser samples right now and I figured I wouldn’t get to it for ages. But for the sake of this review, I went ahead and tried it so I could tell you my thoughts. And, omg. Okay, first, it’s not a cleanser in a cleansing sort of way (like I originally thought). It’s a makeup remover. It is a cleansing milk and removes mascara both (plus tones your skin, but I don’t care about that part). Now, as a cleansing milk it performs about like any other cleansing milk I’ve ever used. But as an eye makeup remover – holy moly. This got my mascara off like some serious voodoo magic. I could literally feel it melting underneath my fingertips. And afterwards, my lashes were left so soft and wispy clean. I’m so happy about it right now.

I’ve used the product twice, and the first time I was trying to do face and eyes all at once. Don’t do that. Just do eyes first, then face. Your eyes need total concentration and all your attention. I squirted the product on the tip of my fingers then rubbed them together before putting it on my eye. Trust me; I learned my lesson on that. Last time I put a cream directly on my eye, I gave myself some kind of pink-eye scenario and had to go to work with no eyeshadow and mascara for an entire week. Yes, you can only imagine what that looked like (not good). So once you apply the product, rub your fingers lightly in a circular motion in one direction until you are satisfied the mascara is gone. Didn’t take much effort which is my ideal amount of effort to exude. In fact, if it could take any less effort, someone else would be doing it for me.

Last product in the box was this Lollipops eyeliner in the shade Goodbye Moon. This is a creamy retractable pencil and it glided on nice and neat. But it wasn’t anything more special than any of my other eyeliners, and I still love my Sumita one best. However, if you just wanna own something with cheetah print packaging, I’d say go ahead and buy this. If anyone understands that mentality, it’s me. The color stayed in my waterline pretty good, although I had to wipe the wetness off with a Q-tip first. But I’ve found that trick works on most eyeliners, even the bad ones.

That’s all for now. My iPad has 23% life left right now, and I’m only on level 84 on Candy Crush Soda Saga. I have a var var busy night ahead of me as you can clearly see. More tomorrow, lovies!

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