Glossybox | September 2014


Vegas is almost happening.  I’m barely paying attention to life.  Probably wise not to ask me any important questions that need a sincere answer until AFTER next week.  You know, just to be safe.

To tide you over, here’s Glossybox:


You know how I’ve mentioned I want to own all the things, right?  Wellll, it’s true.  So I didn’t have anything from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, and I simply could not have that.  During the summer I bought my first (and only) OCC Lip Tar Metallic in the shade Black Dahlia.  Fast forward a few months when Glossybox does a spoiler and shows us we will be getting an OCC Lip Tar in our September boxes.  Well, how nice!  Seems like they will be sending out one of two colors – a coppery orange called Authentic or a dark burgundy metallic called … Black Dahlia.  Ummmmm, excuse me, whaaaaa?  Whyyyyeeeee?  Out of all the colors OCC offers, I have a 50/50 chance of getting the same one I already own.  Those are terrible odds.  Do you know how many times I’ve had a 50/50 chance happening and it go awry?  Like, they always choose the guy I don’t like on The Bachelorette even though it is QUITE CLEAR who her true soulmate is.  Sooooooooooo frustrating.

But anyway, I received the coppery orange color so this entire story doesn’t matter.

If you haven’t tried a Lip Tar before, you need to go find one stat.  Nicely pigmented – some insanely so – and a little goes a very long way.  Your $18 investment will last you a lifetime, and that’s probably not much of an exaggeration.  I love how it comes with a little brush.  What feels more glamourous than applying your lipstick with a brush?  Maybe having a necklace put on you by a Prince. But after that?  Not much.

Again, a subscription box decides to send out a conditioner with no matching shampoo.  Is this a new trend I am unaware of?  Are we mismatching shampoos and conditioners now?  I’m sorry, I don’t think my OCD can deal. That’s like reading book 1 and 2 of Hunger Games, but leaving out book 3.  You cannot start Hunger Games and then NOT FINISH Hunger Games.  Everyone knows that.

Regardless, here is the Bvlgari hair conditioner.  It’s has a light au the Vert perfume scent, and it has been suggested to use this conditioner when you don’t feel like applying actual perfume.  I never feel like applying perfume, but I also never feel like applying conditioner without it’s shampoo counterpart.  So pretty much my only option at this point is shaving cream.  I’m open to other ideas, however, if anyone has found alternate uses for rogue bottles of conditioner.

Received the Vichy Liftactiv Night Cream, which makes me happy. I used another Vichy moisturizer several months back, and I absolutely loved it. Scored high on texture marks, which is basically all that matters to me. Well, that and it’s from France. As soon as I get back from my Vegas trip, I will start in on it, then let you know all about it in my October empties post. (Get excited.)

Got another tube of the Benefit They’re Real mascara. I’m not opposed to this, as it’s fantastic mascara. In fact, it’s the #1 best selling prestige brand mascara in the country. Certainly that holds clout with some people? I mean, it does me. If you’re a best seller, award winner or heavily hyped, you could be a jar of slug trail for all I care. I want you anyway. I’m very discerning in that way. (Also shallow.) (Probably.)

Last product in the box is an
Essie nail polish in the shade Madison Ave-Hue. Can’t say I’m overly thrilled about receiving this item, but it is a pretty unique color of pink and therefore I have decided to keep it. Yes, I make up my own conditions to my own rules. I hope you’re jotting this down in a notebook. There may be a quiz later.

I feel it may be important to note that if you’re gonna love a nail polish, Essie is a safe way to go. I’ve used a few of their colors, and have liked the brand very much, aside from the fact it’s nail polish and I don’t enjoy nail polish. That’s pretty much high praise if you ask me. Which you did subconsciously, otherwise, I’d be reading YOUR blog, wearing pajamas and not suffering from the twinges of carpal tunnel that only 132 posts can bring about.

Well that’s it, guys. I’m gonna try to do one more post before my trip then most likely it’ll be dark in here til I get back. A good time if any to reread this blog from start to finish. Toodles!

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