Birchbox | May 2014


It’s always rough to go back to work after a 3-day weekend.  It’s hard to not sleep late, wear pajamas, watch reality tv, eat bean dip on the sofa.  But I pulled through and made it somehow.  My perseverence is quite inspiring.

So here is my Birchbox:


This box was alright.  Nothing mindblowing, but for $10 I suppose I should just hush.  Let’s just say I’ve had better boxes.  Thankfully, though, they’re not sending me tea packets anymore.  If you are having bad month after bad month, go take a peek at your profile and see if there is something on there that isn’t right.  It will definitely help.

Speaking of profiles, I told Birchbox my hair was wavy.  Which is true.  In its natural state, my hair is wavy.  Or lumpy, if you want to get more accurate.  Wavy sounds way more flowing and luxurious than the reality.  In any case, having wavy hair does not mean I keep it wavy.  I straighten the life out of it.  If I didn’t it would be a lumpy frizzy mess and about zero attractive.  However, Birchbox did not know that, so technically I can’t get pissy cuz they sent me a pouch of Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls spiraling creme.  Re-gifted!  Next.

Another sunscreen.  I suppose it is the season for it, but man it’s just so booooring.  This time I got the Supergoop version.  I threw it in my bathroom drawer along with the Hang Ten I got from Ipsy.  At some point I’ll probably use it.  I just don’t go outside for any extended period of time.  Outside is where sweat, humidity, and mosquitos live.  And sometimes there is green lake water, and I’m not doing that either.  I’ve always been that way though, even from childhood.  I remember going camping with my family where I spent an entire afternoon sitting in my dad’s truck reading a book.  That’s not a typo: an entire afternoon.  I am very good company for myself.

Next item is something I will definitely use, the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.  They come in different colors depending on your skin issue, but I got the clear one.  It has a very silicone-y texture, goes on very smooth.  Feels a little oily at first, but it disappears pretty quick.  And unless it’s some sort of psychological brain trickery, it very well may be holding down my t-zone oil a bit.  Which is very exciting because now that the weather is warm and humid, I’ve traded my dry patches for oil slicks.  And all the lotions and potions I’ve purchased for dry skin has all been rendered moot.  That’s not an expensive annoyance or anything.  Nope, NOT. AT. ALL.

I’ve always wanted to own something from Laqa & Co., and finally my dreams came true.  Received the Lip Lube crayon in the color Coral.  Description says it’s a sheer lip balm that will fill in your unsightly lines.  Well, if that’s the case, then mine is broken.  In fact, if my lips aren’t positively exfoliated to the nth degree, this lip balm will put a big o’ spotlight right on it.  All my scraggly lip bits on full display.  No thank you.  But I wanted to give it a fair shot today, so I scrubbed my lips last night before bed, and things felt pretty nice this morning.  Applied the lip lube, and I no more than walked out of my bathroom and got into my car when I noticed my lip lube color had already worn away.  I mean sure, it’s sheer, but good lord.  Needless to say, I’m probably not going to be using this much.  However, most people on Birchbox seem to like this thing, so apparently I’m an idiot.

Last product in the box is a body balm by Perlier.  I always get nervous around body butters.  I’ve had good ones like Josie Maran and bad ones like that one Petit Vour sent me that had the texture of glue.  I took a bath last night, and instead of using what I’d been using for the past few weeks, thought I’d take a risk and give this one a shot.  And luckily, it was nice!  Was not sticky, absorbed pretty quick, and had a sweet almond scent that wasn’t delicious or anything, but it certainly wasn’t gross.  I will continue to use this sample, which makes me pretty happy.

We’re rolling now people.  Only 4 box reviews to go and 4 days to do it in.  I’m just gonna go ahead and toot my own horn now, mmm k?

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