Birchbox | April 2014


I’ve been sitting here thinking about purchasing the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation, and I’m trying very hard to ignore myself. Figured it would be a fine time to do a blog.

Got my Birchbox recently. Here’s the stats:


Oh look, another black eyeliner. I’ve hit the motherlode this month. This one is from Cynthia Rowley. And I’ve never owned anything by Cynthia Rowley. So in my effort to own all the things, I’m completely fine with this item. I used it several times last week on my upper lid and it is very black, smooth and stays put all day. Approved! Put it on your shopping list.

The little envelope thingie is a collection of body and face scrubs and facial oil by Nyakio. I was so excited to get this. It’s their coffee scent, and anything that smells like coffee I am immediately interested. I love coffee. I mean, I really really love it. I put pants on today and drove to Starbucks in the middle of a tornado warning because I love it that much. Probably not the best idea in terms of common sense, but I never said I had common sense. But I do love coffee! As we have established.

What was my point? I dunno.

I got the cutest little cheek and lip stain sample from theBalm. The full size has six colors, but the sample is just one color and mine is in the shade Pie. I have applied this as a cream blush, and it’s very pretty. The packaging is adorable so even if you aren’t a fan of cream blush or feel like using it as a lip tint, you can buy it cuz it has half naked men on the inside. Hooray!

Got another little can of Klorane dry shampoo. Normally I don’t like repeats but this is a good one so I’ll allow. I already claim Batiste as my holy grail dry shampoo, so there’s really no reason to spend an extra $10 for the Klorane one unless you just want to. Do what makes you happy. If that means forgoing electric bill for a new bottle of Chanel foundation so be it.

Last product in the box is a granola bar from Kind. I was sort of okay with it because for one, it’s not tea, and for two, I don’t hate granola. But then I saw they sent me the maple pumpkin seed flavor, and I about took a nap. Whyyyyyyyeeeee? Doesn’t any of this organic stuff come in chocolate? Do I need to be CEO of yet another company?

I decided to take the Kind bar to work with me as a mid-afternoon snack because when 3pm rolls around, I’ll pretty much eat anything. And in their defense, it was actually pretty tasty. Fiiiiiine. I’ll be good now.

All in all this was a pretty good box. Granted, I would’ve preferred a beauty product instead of the granola, but apparently I’m not in charge of the box contents. Which is a tragic shame in my opinion.

About to take off my makeup and do a little skincare therapy. Best part of the night. See ya tomorrow!

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