Buying Stuff: Episode 12


This constant state of buying stuff just has to stop. It’s overtaking my life. I wake up and buy stuff; go to bed and dream about buying stuff. It’s becoming a tragic, unending problem.

Juuuuuust kidding! My husband wrote that. (Kidding again, although he could’ve.)

I have a big haul for you today. I’m not sure if I’ll separate it out into two parts or not. Depends on how long the first part takes. You may be asleep at that point so…

First things first, here’s a pic:


Got the Too Faced A La Mode eyeshadow palette. These colors are stunning! Not the trio of beiges but all the other colors. Just lovely. And surprisingly I like the magenta and navy best. Does not make you look like you have tuberculosis, despite what you’d think hot pink eyeshadow would do. Love.

I bought the little travel size of the Mario Badescu cleanser because I’m going on a little trip to Chicago next month and needed something small to fit in my bag. And also cuz I didn’t own any Mario Badescu. I probably could’ve gotten away with something from the Dollar Tree, but that’s just plain nuts. Why do that when you can buy something more expensive? My motto, in case you didn’t know.

I have already tried the cleanser because my curiosity couldn’t stand it. And it’s suuuuuper nice! The texture is so soft, it feels more like you’re moisturizing than cleaning. Approved! Put it on your shopping list.

Do not even ask me what I was thinking when I purchased the Queen Helene Mud Pack Masque. But it was $3.99 and pushed me over the free shipping barrier. You know you do that too. I have a lot of redundant pots of lip balm because of it. As if by spending $4 to save on a $5 shipping charge makes perfect sense. (It does. It’s psychological brain trickery.)

However, I love skincare so I’ll definitely use the mask. Oh, I’m sorry, I mean masque. Also, I know it’s made of mud, but if it looks like chocolate pudding, I’m not complaining.

I’ve been kinda diggin’ Essence makeup lately. They are a pretty cheap brand but they have lovely blushes and eyeshadows. Wanted to try the I Love Extreme Crazy Volume mascara cuz YouTube told me to. (Happens a lot.) Oh my goodness. This mascara is awesome. Makes my tiny baby lashes look so long and noticeable. I highly recommend especially if you have nonexistent lashes like me. It’s so funny that a $3 mascara can work just as good as my $40 Charlotte Tilbury one. But it can. Don’t tell my husband.

Wanted to try the Real Techniques version of the BeautyBlender sponge. I love love love my BeautyBlender. But wanted to see if I can get just as nice results from a cheaper dupe. So I’ve used it for the past week, and it does a pretty good job. Blends my foundation out nicely. I’d say it’s not necessarily a dupe but it does just as good as the BeautyBlender. And with the $14 you save you can buy something else. (Yes, you can – I did the math.)

Last item is a serum primer by It Cosmetics called No. 50. I bought this primarily because it was $28 off. That’s not a typo. So at this point it didn’t matter what it was, it was virtually free. Thankfully, however, it’s a nice, silky soft primer that is supposed to reduce pore size and fine lines and brighten skin in a mere 10 days. It claims to be “baby skin in a bottle” which is quite a clever catch phrase cuz if the discount price didn’t sell you, achieving baby skin definitely would.

And then I had a 10% off coupon for Sephora which I could not let go to waste. So I bought this:


Do you own anything by Jurlique? I didn’t, which is reason #1 why I do now. This little trio is the Herbal Recovery Anti-Aging kit that includes night cream, eye cream and a serum. Have I used it yet? No. But I own it and that’s all that matters.

We are not done. I bought another little skincare kit from Ole Henriksen:


I’m not even certain how all this happens anymore. It’s like my hand has a mind all it’s own, pointing and clicking and whatnot. It moves independent from my body. I could totally be zoning out reading a book or taking a nap, but my right arm is stuck out shopping on it’s own free will. It would be quite magical if it wasn’t so expensive.

This kit include seven sample sizes of an eye gel, foaming cleanser, truth serum, night gel, walnut complexion scrub, sheer transformation moisturizer and a super creme moisturizer. So I got an entire day and night ritual that would probably last for a month or so. Maybe longer on some of the products. I’m very excited to start using some of this stuff. One day. After all the other stuff gets used.

In other words, I’ll get back to you in about 15 years.

Here’s a small batch of goodies:


I had some Birchbox points I wanted to cash in so thought I’d buy an expensive mascara in an effort to make it less expensive although still expensive. Picked up the Chantecaille Faux Cils mascara. According to their website, their formula works better than false lashes. So I’m sold! Who doesn’t want that? (Crazy people.). I’ve used it a few times, and it really is a nice mascara. No clumps, great length. Is it worth the $42 price tag? Well it took my tiny straight sad little lashes and transformed them into butterfly wings. So you be the judge.

Needed yet another travel size product to take with me on my Chicago trip next month, this time in the form of a toner. Saw the Caudalie Beauty Elixir and I figured I’d give it a try. The reviews are pretty good. In fact someone on Instagram told me it changed their skin completely. I’m really excited now. I want new skin too! I spritzed a little already and it has this tingly sensation that I can probably get super addicted to. But I put it away to save for my trip. My gestures of willpower are simply amazing. Ok, in all seriousness, they really truly are. I’m super human.

Last item in the haul – yes, we’ve made it to the end – is this lipstick from Rouge Bunny Rouge. I know, Rouge Bunny what? They are a Russian company; even the packaging had some Russian writing on it. I felt so cosmopolitan. I was like, Vogue! I’m here.

Anyway. The lipstick is in one of their best selling colors called Nothing Unknown. It’s a nude rose with mauve pearlescent and is so very beautiful. It sparkles so lovely in the sunlight. I think it might be my favorite lipstick. It’s sheer though, so beware if that’s not your thing.

Okay, that’s it. In case you weren’t aware, I did the entire haul instead of splitting it in two parts. It took me 13 hours to write this post, just so you know the sacrifice I made for my people. Hope you enjoyed it after all that effort.

Good night!

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