Boxycharm | April 2014


Oh, Boxycharm.  One month they’re up, the next month they’re down.  And sometimes they’re smack dab in the middle like now.  You properly on the edge of your seat with anticipation?  Yes?  Then we shall begin:


So I got this very large bottle of Coolway Glow Finishing Oil that I will most likely never use.  Hooray!  I dunno, I just never get too excited about hair styling products since I never have time in the morning to do anything other than comb my hair.  Seriously, I wash it in the evening, straighten it the next morning and then just comb it for 3 days until it’s time to wash it again.

I may be the laziest person on the planet.

Granted there is nothing to using this product other than pumping out a dime-size dollop and smoothing it through your hair.  I could easily bring it to work with me and do it at my desk because it literally takes about 1% effort.  So because of that statistic, and that statistic alone, I am keeping it.

Next I got this liquid lipstick from Ofra in a super bright pink color.  I’m kind of not interested because I don’t really like bright pink lipstick.  And also it smells like it’s trying to be cake, but they didn’t quite make it so instead it smells just weird.  I may sound a skosh nitpicky, but I feel so strongly about it that I actually took the time to look up how to spell skosh. When I could’ve just said any other normal word such as bit, or tad, or even itty bitty.  You know it’s serious business when I do extra work like that.

On a positive note, the tube claims it will last 5 hours despite drinking and eating.  If that’s important to you.

And then I got an even less interesting item in the form of a nail polish from Bellapierre.  Ehhhhhhh. Delete.  However, I must give them credit for sending me a color that’s named Cotton Candy instead of what I’ve been getting recently (not named Gloomy Shitty Day, but could’ve been).  Gray just isn’t a spring color to me.  Pink is.  But I already own a Butter London pink polish, so this Bellapierre one is redundant to me.

Remember yesterday when I told you I got an onslaught of eyeliners in my boxes this month.  That ain’t no lie.  Got this ModelCo one with a built in sharpener.  If you’re counting, you are my OCD twin and I love you.  Also, you’d know that it’s my fourth, not counting the two boxes I haven’t reviewed yet which would make it six.  Plus I have two more boxes that haven’t even gotten here yet, so there could be eight for all I know.  That’s enough eyeliner to trace the eyes of all the little babies in China.  Ridiculous.

Sounds like I hated this box, but I didn’t really.  Especially not after receiving the last product, the beautiful, gorgeous peach bellini blush by ModelCo.  It is stunning!  I had such lovely visions of wearing this blush, my cheeks delicate and summery, like an milkmaid or a princess.  Wind is probably flowing through my hair.  Maybe I’m sitting in a lush green field making daisy crowns.  Or I quite possibly could be lying in a hammock daydreaming.  Or on the back of a white stallion splashing through the shoreline of the Irish side of the Atlantic.  Perhaps I’m yodeling down a mountain in Austria.  Wait, that’s Maria von Trapp.

Well, whatever the case may be, I’m definitely 20 pounds thinner.

But then someone (i.e., me) knocked the blush off the arm of the couch and it went spiralling to it’s tragic, hideous death.  Blush, disintegrated into a thousand billion pieces.  Not even the rubbing alcohol trick could have put this thing back together.  It simply no longer lived.  And that’s the end of that.

Now that my daydreams have been crushed (literally), I’m going to go sob in a corner somewhere.  I’m trying to get another one, but it comes from Australia and the shipping is almost as much as the item itself.  And no one is selling it on eBay.  So it’s proving to be a struggle.  I’m working on it though, so hopefully I can report back with good news very soon.

Bye friends!

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    • I saw those but I don’t know if they are different than what Boxycharm sent cuz it’s not the same packaging. Plus the one on Amazon says Blush Lights and the one I got says Cheek Powder. I’m torn!


    • You know I just looked and I think the lights means it’s a lighted compact. So maybe it doesn’t mean it’s a blush full of glitter. I may give this a try after all!


      • Oooh. Yeah I wasnt sure about the packaging difference either. I thought maybe they had just updated it or something. Good luck!


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