Boxycharm | March 2014


Well, you can’t win ’em all.

Last month was my very first, and highly impressive, Boxycharm box. It replaced my always disappointing Beauty Box 5. But this month’s box was a bit of a let down. Still better than Beauty Box 5, mind you, so I’m not on the brink of giving up or anything. I’m just saying.

I’m rambling. Shut up, Brain.

Anyway, here’s what came in the box:


First things first, that nail polish. It’s two colors from StrangeBeautiful. The pink one is called Bandaid, and if they didn’t nail that one on the head. It’s the color of an actual bandaid. Not the pink of your dreams, lemme just say. Aside from that, it’s nail polish and that makes me bored.

I got two eye products from Bellapierre that I’m also not keen on. First of all, I do not like loose shadows. Yes, the colors are pretty, shimmery and lovely. But I am old and don’t need glitter of any sort on my eyeballs. And the loose factor is such a pain. It already takes half an hour just to put on my eyeshadow every morning. I don’t need to add the mess of a loose powder into the mix. Too much work for me at 6:30 in the morning. Or any time of the day for that matter.

My daughter, on the other hand, is thrilled. She is the lone recipient of my loose powder shimmer shadow trove. Lucky girl to have such a giving mom as me. Now where’s my two-armed hug? That’s right. It’s not a bribe or anything in case you were thinking that.

Okay, it’s a bribe.

Well! I can count the times she’s hugged me with both arms on two arms. Seriously, she gives me buddy hugs. So if slipping her a little loose powder eyeshadow gift every once in a while in order to get proper mama lovin’, well, it’s my lot in life, and I’ve accepted it.

Moving right along.

The other eye product is an eyelid base, which claims to transform shimmer shades into a matte. And I don’t know much about that since I gave all my shimmer shadows away (see above), but it did make a nice eyelid primer. I used it today, and so far, no creasing. And I always crease. My old lady hanging eye skin gets me every time.

So I guess you could say this product wasn’t quite the bust that the others were. But I’m still not beside myself with love, let’s make that clear.

I do not know why this even exists in the world, but ModelCo submitted this party proof cream lipstick in the absolute perfect Barbie pink shade that no one ever in all eternity should ever ever use. I put it on fully aware it would be a mistake. Oh lawd. Delete. In the trash you go.

Last product is a moisturizer from Pur-Lisse. While not opposed, it is a super full sized tube which I will most likely own for 15 years. But it’s value is $55. So safe to say, it’s the best thing in the box. Is that shallow? Probably.

Hopefully next month will be a better box. I’m gonna cross my fingers starting right now. Good night everybody!

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