Sample Society | March 2014


Two zingers in a row. I’m getting worried …

After the disaster that was Boxycharm, I was hoping the tide would turn. Or even just half a turn would be okay. But no. It just got WORSE. Entering, Sample Society:


No, no, no, no and no. Whyyyyyyyeeeee does my life hate me? When I saw this box, my face looked like someone was telling me an exceptionally boring and/or pointless story, or like a story that keeps on going while I need to go have the biggest pee of my life. You know what I’m saying; you’ve been there.

First awful thing – that Jane Tran hair clip. Tell me, why is this even in the box? Did someone beg for this? Or was there an emergency vacancy that needed filling sort of situation happening about 24 hours before ship time, and this was the only thing they had on their shelf? I’m gonna go with that, because otherwise, something’s happened to Sample Society. Something unsightly and scary.

Now, before you throw wet noodles, please understand that the hair clip itself is fine. And I’m sure Jane Tran is a lovely human being. I just don’t wear hair clips, like almost zero percent of the time is there a hair clip happening. In other words, things I don’t want and/or need can kindly vacate my box. Hair clips be one of them.

Next awful thing is the Jane Iredale Tantasia self-tanner. Guess how many times I’ve applied self-tanner in my life? Like twice. Once when I was in 8th grade right before a class trip to an amusement park where I proceeded to walk around all day with orange streaky legs. The second time, I stood completely naked in my bathroom while my sister sprayed me full-on with some tan in a can. Both were nightmares: one nightmare for me and the other for my sister (who had to see me naked and in tantric-like poses – how else to get the spray tan up in there?) After those two times, I put my self-tanning days to bed.

Next barely tolerated but slightly better product is the tube of tinted SPF creme from MD Solar Sciences. First of all, what kind of business name is that? Could they have called it anything more sterile and lab coat-y? No. No, they couldn’t. But the product isn’t that horrid. I’ve used it twice now, and it is very creamy and feels nice on the skin. It replaced my normal SPF, and if I wasn’t already in love with that one, I could see myself buying a tube of this one. And it does cost $32, so it’s super fancy.

Gah! Fiiiinnnnneee. I suppose this isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever gotten. But don’t get too cocky, Sample Society. We’re not done yet.

Got yet another tube of BB cream to add to the ridiculous amount of BB creams I own. I’m seriously so over BB creams. I’ve only ever liked one of them, the Miracle Skin Transformer Face one. Oh, and the It Cosmetics CC cream is really awesome. But other than all that business, BB creams, CC creams and whatnot make me sleepy.

So this Dr. Brandt one didn’t even illicit an eye twitch out of me. I didn’t care a little bit at all. I threw it in my box of crap and walked away.

Then I used it.

Dammmmmit. This stuff is good. Maybe the best. Yep, definitely the best. Fantastic coverage, made me look beautiful and glowy. I’m not even gonna lie when I tell you there’s a 97.6374857% chance I’m buying the full size.

Last product in the box is a CC cream for the hair by Alterna. This is the only product in the box that I felt I was gonna use. I like leave-in hair treatments, so I’m cool with receiving this one. My hair needs all the help it can get.

So. I am gonna say my foot is somewhat in my mouth right now. This box turned out 60% to the good. After my initial scoff, I took the time to use the products and realized they weren’t so bad. This isn’t my favorite box, mind you, but I’m feeling better about it now.

Sorry, Sample Society. Friends again?

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