Boxycharm | February 2014


Remember not too long ago when I opened my Beauty Box 5 and it was the most disappointed of all the disappointments?  So I prompty canceled, which left a sad little hole in my wallet?  And the only remedy I could muster was to buy another beauty box?

Funny how my brain works.

You are looking at my very first Boxycharm box:


Well.  Safe to say I make some pretty dang good decisions sometimes.  I love this box (well, this month anyway; next month is a crapshoot).  It is lightyears better than all my Beauty Box 5 boxes put together.  That’s a lot of love people, if you’re counting.

However.  It wouldn’t be a proper beauty box without at least one zinger.  Those dang Eyelashi eyelashes from my Lip Factory box are haunting me.  I got them again in this box.  Whyyyyyyyyeeeeee does my life hate me?  Lashes, go away.

To make it all better, Boxycharm sent a bottle of NARS nail polish.  Okay, nail polish.  You know I’m not a huge fan.  BUT.  It’s NARS, and that’s fancy.  And I make my own exceptions to my own rules, which we’ve discussed before.  You should probably keep a notebook on all this.  You know, like a reference guide.  All my ex-boyfriends have one.

There are two Mirabella products – an eyeliner and a lip pencil.  While it’s true I have a billion black eyeliners, I don’t love them all.  So getting yet another black eyeliner isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  I’ve been using this particular one for about a week now, and it does the job just fine.  Not amazing, as it disappears from my waterline rather quickly, but none of my eyeliners pass the waterline test, not even the waterproof ones.

The lip pencil is a very bright corally pink.  Goes on pretty smooth, has a nice smell.  I’ve worn it once, and decided I’d keep it.  Other than that, there really isn’t much else to say about it.  OH! The name of this product is La La Lips Velvet Lip Pencil if that helps entice you a bit.  I’ll admit I was moved a little.  Because seriously, velvvvvvvet.  I challenge you not to produce a mild facial tic when hearing the word velvet.  If your eyes don’t squint, blink or spasm in the slightest, clearly you are a robot.

Last product in the bunch is this darling little blush by Pandora’s Box.  Even though the bright Barbie doll pink shade I got isn’t one I would normally buy for myself, I couldn’t resist the adorable packaging.  Sometimes that is the only reason to buy something.  It’s just the way of the world.  Or the one I live in at least.

So long story short, I’m pleased with my first Boxycharm box.  I’m ready for my next one like yesterday.  Good thing March is here so the influx of new boxes can commence.  I’m ready and waiting.

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