Lip Factory | February 2014


Another day, another beauty box.  The fun never ends.  I hope everybody loves these reviews because they keep coming.  And until I get tired of opening Christmas gifts each month (which will be NEVER), it will continue.

Okay, so here is what I got in my Lip Factory box:


Purty purty!  This is probably my favorite box I’ve gotten from them.  Aside from the eyelashes.  Let’s discuss eyelashes, shall we?

We shall.

Do not like.  Primarily because I don’t know how to use them.  I have applied fake lashes about 3 times in my life.  So although that is a perfectly reasonable explanation for my ineptness, it is also a perfectly reasonable explanation why I dislike.  If I can’t master something almost immediately, I lose interest like stat.  Just do.  Which is why I also hate the elliptical.  I mean, have you been on that thing?! Urgh.

However, the lashes are from Eyelashi.  They look scary.

Received two items from Teeez again this month.  However, that’s okay because I loved the two items I got from Teeez last month.  The packaging is soooo beautiful.  Anyway, they sent me a mascara and a lipstick.  Of course, I tried the mascara almost immediately.  Still searching for that holy grail.  And while it wasn’t the worst of the bunch, it didn’t give me the volume and length I really wanted.  Maybe I am too hard to please because that makes about 2,172 mascaras that have failed me.  At least that many.  If not more.

The lipstick – gah!  Just lovely.  It smells like a vanilla cupcake and the color is Awesome Orchid.  And according to their website it nourishes, hydrates and repairs lips.  Fancy that!  If I could do that many things all at once, as well as maintaining my poise and beauty, well I wouldn’t be writing this blog right now.  I’d be at a photoshoot somewhere, or fending off paparazzi.  Maybe eating finger sandwiches with the Queen.

Next item is a matte lip crayon by LASplash.  I got the color Cabernet, which is a gorgeous wine color.  And if you read my last post regarding my favorite lip duo, you’d know how I feel about wine.  And if you didn’t read that post, something is clearly wrong with you.

Anyway, I’ve tried some matte lipsticks before.  Most of them are very drying on my lips.  However, this one is fantastic.  Aside from the color, the texture is very lip balm-y, which is so nice.  Plus, the retail on these is only $9 which I don’t think is too bad at all.  More expensive than drugstore, but only slightly.  I kind of wanna go buy some more.  They have a coral color that has a 97.9476764% chance that I need it in my life.

Last item is this awesome burgundy coppery eyeshadow from Starlooks.  Sigh.  I just can’t take all this prettiest in one spot.  I wore this the other day and I loved.  I don’t have a color like this, so that may be why I’m having a thing for it.  To others who have a much bigger eyeshadow collection, you probably already own this in a MAC or Urban Decay version or something.  Just let me have my excitement anyway.  It’s a glorious shade, and it’s mine all mine.

The only thing I don’t like is that it’s a loose pan. Now I feel like I need to buy a Z-palette so I can put all my loose pans in it.  At the moment, however, I only have one loose pan.  In other words, I need to buy more loose pans.  OH wellllll!  Husband is bound to agree with that kind of logic.

Okay, kids.  I’m done for now.  Thanks for reading as always.

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