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BLUSH Lacquers: The Road to Polish Con


Current status:  wayyyyy past the Full House rabbit hole.   It’s officially 2 a.m., Friends is on, and now seems like a really great time to write a blog.  Seriously, can we not even be normal for like half a second at least?  (NO.)  Sleep would be nice, but apparently that’s for other people.  Ugh.

But because I don’t feel like spending the next 18 years in here, let’s go ahead and do a quick one.  It’s basically a Polish Emergency anyway, and I am a DADGUM PROFESSIONAL.  Take a look at what Victoria with BLUSH Lacquers sent over:


Gah!  Pretty, right?  And holo-y and blingy and suuuuper pass-out-y.  Of course, it’s BLUSH, so we all knew there’d be some noodle legs lurking.

This is Tip-Toe the Tightrope, Victoria’s contribution to The Road Polish Con series.  She’s in the spotlight for Week 10 which means come Week 11, this stunner goes away.  You properly panicked?  Well, you should be.  Tossing some polish in the cart all willy nilly would be your most logical next step.


DESCRIPTION:  A silver holographic with bright pink shimmer

OPACITY:  A yummy two coats plus glossy top coat

And now, an extraordinary amount of overachieve-y.  Lots more photos (i.e., drool-y opportunities) up ahead:

Yep, you’re buying it.  But then again, you have no choice.  Here’s all the deets:

WHO:  You

WHAT:  Hoarding all the polish

WHEN: Now through Saturday, September 9 at 11:59pm EST

WHERE:  http://www.thepolishconvention.com

HOW MUCH:  $10

In case you miss it – although WHY WOULD YOU?! is the actual question – this polish will be stocked at Polish Con in Chicago, and if there are any leftovers, they will be sold on the Blush website.  However, leftovers are not guaranteed, so if you want it, SNAG IT NOW.  Then give yourself a horn toot for making good decisions.

Okay, that’s it for this one!  Keep the wallet handy though, cuz more blogs are coming.

Later, loves!