Anchor & Heart Lacquer: Fantasmic Flakies Group Custom


Another weekend trip, another stroll through the hotel lobby wheeling suitcases full of nail polish behind me like a dadgum weirdo.  Seriously, if I could ever vacation like a freaking normal person, it’d be a damn near miracle.  In my defense, if the swatching can’t get done then the blogs can’t either, and if y’all about had yourself a little heart attack just now, well that sounds about right.  No blog = saddest of all things sad, cuz you love this thing in case you didn’t know.

But in an effort to stay married at least while we’re on this trip, I’ll make this blog quick.  Received a most glorious thing from Taryn with Anchor & Heart Lacquer to share with you today, and OMG the ladylike composure is already out the freaking window.  The flakies got me guys!  They got me good.  Take a look at what I mean:


Gah! See?!  It’s a flakie EXTRAVAGANZA! all chillin’ in a pool of orange-y deliciousness for extra drool-y scenarios.  Seriously, can I not ever be sexy, even for just a little bit?  NOT TODAY!  Especially while this lovey is nearby.  The Ugly Ecstasy Face is officially at an all time high.

So Anchor & Heart Lacquer is in the spotlight for October, and Taryn has created a most amazing custom polish exclusively for members of the Fantasmic Flakies group on Facebook. Y’all ready to spend some money today?  Is there a Starbucks and a Cheetos bag sitting in front of me, mocking this stupid diet thing I’ve suddenly found myself on?

In other words, YES.


DESCRIPTION:  An orange-red jelly with green/indigo shifting shimmer and purple, green, copper, gold, red and fuchsia ultra chrome flakies

This polish is inspired by the Sanderson sisters, the witches from the Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus.  And obviously this beauty would make an amazing base for some cool Halloween-y nail art, but it’s also just this yummy shade of orange perfect for fall.  I swear, it’s colors like this that make fall almost bearable for me.  I mean, I still hate it due to it’s unfortunate proximity to the hell that is winter, but this nail polish gives fall like maybe half a bonus point at least.

More photos to aid the convincing:

If you’ve reminded yourself at least 18 times that THIS IS NOT FOOD well then you may continue to read this blog.  Cuz YUMMY DELICIOUSNESS doesn’t even begin to describe this scenario.

This polish is only available until October 31, so now is not the time to lounge about. Here is your To-Do List all typed up so nice and neat. Best blogger ever? I say YES.

1. Join the Fantasmic Flakies group on Facebook by clicking here;

2. Head over to the Anchor & Heart Lacquer shop;

3. Throw polish in the cart all willy nilly;

4. SISTAHS is priced at $11.00, which is practically free in case you didn’t know;

5. Add your Facebook name in the notes section at checkout so your Fantasmic Flakies membership can be verified;

6. Then sit back, relax, and stalk the mailman like a proper loon.

Hey!  Only six steps to happiness!  Who knew?

Now, some clicking opportunities. Connect with Anchor & Heart:



Fan Group

And good news, guys!  I have more Anchor & Heart to show you tomorrow.  Another Polish Emergency that you’re gonna need like 18,000 times over.  GET EXCITED.  Cuz I am the boss of you, that’s why.

Later, loves!


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  1. It’s so nice to see someone else who doesn’t like fall. I don’t want boots and sweaters and hoodies; I want shorts, tank tops, and to leave my windows open and the furnace off!


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