Rise and Shine Nail Lacquer: Polish Pickup September 2017


GUYS.  We’ve made it.  Not super on-time by any means, but that is beside the point. Hubby took me out of town for a belated birthday weekend, (which involved a lot of walking, by the way – DO YOU NOT KNOW ME AT ALL?!) and he sorta kinda basically RUINED all my blogging plans. So rude.

However, we are sitting here at brunch and I’m ignoring him like such a good wife and blogging like a DADGUM PROFESSIONAL.  OMG, am I still married? Cuz seriously, I don’t even know.

So while we wait for GRAVY! let’s talk about the final Polish Pickup shade. Listen y’all. This is IT. One of the most beautiful shades in the PPU this month. Even if you’ve already placed your order – if this one somehow didn’t make it in the cart, first of all, I am var var concerned about your brain, but second of all, GO BACK. Get this. PPU will combine shipping for you, so even if you had an excuse, it is officially and effectively NULL AND VOID. 

That might’ve been a mess of a paragraph, but now is not the time to grammar. Take a look at Skykine Drive by Rise and Shine Nail Lacquer:


Told ya. Are angels singing? I hear angels.

This polish makes me close my eyes and smile to myself like an idiot. Y’all, my soul is soothed. Do you see why you need this?!  It’s calming and peaceful and joyful and looooove. ORRRRR!  You can just get it so I’m not the only one in here looking stooopid. 

Here is Sarah’s inspiration photo:

Now drool with me!


DESCRIPTION:  A robin’s egg blue with gold, red, purple, and green holo flakies and a copper and gold shimmer

OPACITY: Two coats, but easily could’ve gone Polish Mountain with it. However, I gave up after two cuz I am not very good at goals. 

As if you need more convincing, but just in case:

And now wallets are flying out of purses, everywhere. 

Ok, FOCUS. The Polish Pickup sale is almost over. You have today and tomorrow only to snag this beauty, and then it goes away FOREVER. And I swear, if you’re waking up on September 5, sad and polish-less, we’re gonna need to chat about decisions and how to make them. CUZ WE’VE BEEN OVER THIS BEFORE, that’s why. 

To read up on the Polish Pickup, what it is, what it does, click here to read the FAQs. Then while you’re in a clicking mood, join the Polish Pickup group on Facebook (click here!) so you can get in on theme nominations, voting, interacting, and being social all while lounging on couches. Weeeee!

Oh, and this polish retails for $10 and comes with a side of Leonardo. Or else I just dreamed that. I dunno. 

Click here for shopping, then go be happy.

Later, loves!


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