Cupcake Polish: Mod About You Collection 


Who else was forced to spend the weekend playing grocery store and eating fake food off a plastic plate with a 4 year old? Damn near nobody but me, I’m quite certain.  This is what happens when everyone in your family knows where to find you: at home, lounging on couches at least 97.7459% of the time.  So when asked, What are you doing this Friday night?, coming up with an excuse of anything else based outside my living room is both nigh on impossible and a bold-faced lie.  Looks like a slumber party with the grandchildren then.  I’m weeeeee!-ing on the inside, I swear it.

Although, things went pretty smooth for the most part.  I mean, I somehow managed to play Shopkins for hours without getting down in the floor for any of it, which is literally a miracle to the trillionth degree. Cuz I don’t know about you, but getting back up off the floor is some whole other layer of effort I’m not ready to commit to. Once I’m down, I’M DOWN FOR LIFE.

The not so smooth part?  When the oldest granddaughter had an expert level, Oscar-worthy meltdown cuz Gigi ate all the Doritos.  I felt kinda bad about it, but they were Cool Ranch flavor so technically I had no choice. One day she’ll understand.

So here I am, starting a blog after midnight cuz my brain hasn’t quite gone back to normal yet.  BEST IDEA EVER.  Most likely it won’t get published tonight as Full House is on TV, and we all know what kind of black hole vacuum that show is.  But an attempt has been made, just so you know.

Another new collection from Cupcake Polish is on the blog today!  Sara sent me her new Mod About You collection, a glorious set of 6 vibrant holographics inspired by the mod 1960s.  Who’s ready to look at pretty things?  EVERY DADGUM ONE OF US, that’s who.  So lessss go!


I’ll be honest:  I thought there’d be more mustard yellow Tupperware colors in here, so clearly my view of the 1960s is rather skewed.  Mustard yellow probably came out in the 70s anyway, and the point I am making is basically moot.  Although it’s the avocado green stuff we really care about anyway, cuz where there is green there is me with my grabby fingers sticking out.

OMG, what are we even talking about right now?  Gah!  Shut up, brain.

Let’s do noodle legs instead.  Cuz a parade of much classier shades is on the way!  Formula and application on these is consistent across the board, so here’s a quick rundown of the colors.  Meet you at the bottom!

First up is Mod Squad, a royal purple linear holographic:

Do you hear angels?  Cuz I hear angels.  And horn toots and confetti poppers too, prolly.

Then I put on pants:

Or “went outside” as others like to call it.

Next up is Gettin’ Twiggy With It, a gunmetal linear holographic:

You thought it was just gonna be a grey didn’t you? Tsk tsk. It’s grey with jazz hands, clearly. 

Again with the pants:

That’s two efforts in a row, in case you don’t math well.

Now here’s Suitor on a Scooter, a medium blue linear holographic:

Or maybe it’s turquoise.  I dunno.  Blue, turquoise, potato, french fry; either way, it’s all good.

A shot under the lamps instead cuz this pants thing is getting ridiculous:

Still drool-y though!

Here’s Look at You Go-Go, a dove grey linear holographic:

So here’s your grey with, like, just some sweatpants on.  But ones from Victoria’s Secret though, so we can maintain at least an “air” of sexy in case actual sexy is too much effort for a Monday.

At this point, we’re not even sure whose blog this is, aka someone went outside again:


Next up is Crazy Mod Love, a berry pink linear holographic:

Don’t mind me! I’ll just be over here reattaching my jaw to my face for the next 37 years.  K, bye. 

Outside, and the pants are officially worth it:

You done died.  You did.

Lastly, here’s Fringe Benefits, a royal blue linear holographic:

And then all the wallets fell right out of our purses, just 👏🏼 like 👏🏼 that 👏🏼 BOOM. 

One more for under the lamps:

Simply put, an ocean of lovely.

The round up:

As mentioned before, formula and application on each polish is the same. I did two coats for my swatches, but one coat had really good coverage in case you don’t have time to sit for 17 hours painting nails like me.

This collection is available now, so get on it boo boos!  Price is $13 each and the PERFECT way to spend some money today.  Cuz who sees this much holo then continues about all normal and whatnot?  CERTAINLY NOT YOU.  Cuz now is not the time for rational behavior, that’s why.  Click here for shopping!

Later, loves!


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  1. While this collection is awesome, now you have me thinking about a 70’s collection and I would love that SO much more. Olive, mustard, burnt orange, dusty teal, etc! I’m powerless to resist olive and mustard shades though. In fact, I’m wearing an ombre right now that I think you might like. I’ll tag you on Instagram in case you fell like checking out my sausages!


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