Dainty Digits Polish: Enchanted Garden Collex (plus bonuses!)


Things accomplished this weekend:

1.  Having my husband bring me stuff on his way back from the kitchen.  I swear, I would literally starve to death if he didn’t ever get off this couch.  I mean, sure, I could probably manage to go in there and get the box of Cheez-Its myself, but honestly, who’s up for doing effort on a weekend?  (Crazy people.)  No, I’ll just suffer in silent hunger since a minimum amount of legwork makes the most logical sense.  AND CUZ I AM A PRINCESS, and we shall treat me as such.

So, this morning we had plans to eat hashbrowns, but hubby got called into work unexpectedly.  I laid in bed for 2 hours waiting for food and coffee to just appear in my hand, but it never freaking did.  Booooo.   I had to put pants on and drive myself to Starbucks like someone normal.  Which brings me to my next accomplishment:

2.  I put pants on.  Ugh.

3.  Wearing my last clean pair of underwear.  Which means, there’s a possibility of a 4th accomplishment for the weekend if I decide to do laundry versus just going to the store to buy more.  But that requires ANOTHER pants-wearing scenario, and I’m pretty sure I’ve maxed that situation out.  Dadgummit!  Maybe I can just hand hubby a basket full of panties on his way to the kitchen, cuz certainly he’ll make it to the laundry room at some point?  I dunno.

See guys?  I do stuff!  Maybe my stuff isn’t the same as your stuff, since your stuff requires being social and an interesting person and whatnot.  But things do get done.  I mean, items 1 through 3 didn’t just happen by magic, sooooo … var var busy over here.  Clearly.

Let’s talk polish!  I have lots of pretty things from Dainty Digits Polish to show you today.  There’s a 5-piece Enchanted Garden Collex, a couple of bonus spring releases, PLUS a way for you to get the two exclusives from last weekend’s Indie Shop event.  Are you ready?  I’m ready.  Lesss go!

Let’s talk about the Enchanted Garden Collex.  NeNe created these 5 beautiful shades inspired by one of her dear friend’s love of lilies and other exotic flowers.  Talk about pretty!  I’m a sucker for anything spring, and if I didn’t already own them all, I’d be tossing each one of these in the basket along with 27 back-up bottles just to be safe.  

Someone’s crazy, and while I’m not saying it’s me, it’s probably me.  Well, why be obsessed if you can’t do it properly?

First up is Morning Glory:

This one is a gorgeous, rich purple creme.  Goes on glossy and smooth in two simple coats.  Which means there’s plenty of time leftover to go be Mom-of-the-Year real quick or something.  ORRRRRR!, you can just take a nap.  You know, if you’re me.

Next up is Blue Tiger Lily:

This one is a cornflower blue creme with some aqua and blue flakies and a bit of holo mixed in.  It’s my favorite of the bunch!  If you’re only buying one polish, although WHY? is the actual question,  I recommend this one cuz it makes even the sausage-y-est of fingers look fabulous.  Proof: 

Now here’s Tropical Canna Lily:

This one has a peach crelly base that’s loaded with a whole bunch of flakie business, which is a professional way of saying I don’t know what’s in this polish.  Although, I’m pretty certain “flakie business” is a technical term.   And you’re buying it cuz you have no choice.  

In other news, I am soooooo good at blogging, you guys!  

This one is Stargazer Lily:

This one is a dreamy candy pink creme with a very subtle shimmer.  So subtle, I didn’t actually see it on my nail unless I got my eyeball right up next to it.  I mean, I’m not opposed to doing it that way, as I imagine it’s less weird than putting my tongue on it, which is what I’d rather do.  Cuz it might taste like a strawberry milkshake.  Or maybe poison.  I dunno.  Either way, though, maybe it’s best we just act normal for once.  Moving on.

Lastly, here’s Delirious Dahlia:

This one is a blurple metallic with flakies, some subtle blue/purple shimmer and bit of holo.  It’s really pretty, and all my purple lovers better get this one on the to-do lists, stat.  Well, this one and the other ones.  Cuz if you’re getting out of this blog without all five in your basket, well, I can only imagine how WRONG you must feel.  So ENTIRE Enchanted Garden Collex it is then!  Congratulations on your very good decision.

In case you did not know, last weekend was the Indie Shop event held in Atlanta.  Lots of indie makers were there, as well as a bunch of super lucky people.  Naturally, I wasn’t there because I live in the middle of where nothing ever happens, which is mostly DUMB but also STUPID.  Anyway.  Dainty Digits made this little beauty exclusively for the event:

This is Stream of Enchantment, a light turquoise jelly with aqua shimmer and lots and lots of flakies mixed in. It’s every bit of the glory you think it is.  Even more so maybe.  It’s glory, with happiness and a Starbucks on top.  At MINIMUM.

NeNe has some leftovers, so now is your chance to score your own – without the hassle of time travel, putting pants on, or any other inconviences.  Single bottles are available now for $10 each but you have to be a member of the Facebook fan group in order to buy.  Click here to join – it’s free – and snag this little lady!

Side note: there is also a dark blue nighttime version of this polish available called Obsidian and you can get the duo for $18.   Swatch pics are in the group!

Lastly, there are two bonus spring releases to show you.  First up is Icing on the Cake:

OKAY.  I know this isn’t food.  I know it’s not a cupcake.  Or a donut.  Or anything related to a birthday.  But dadgummit, how am I supposed to not lick this one?  Ugh.  NeNe, you stinker.  

This one has a sweet pink crelly base and a nice healthy dose of multicolored sprinkles … er, glitters, I mean.  It’s fun and festive and just the cutest thing.  Get this on your nails! (But not in your tummy, even though you’ll want to.)

Last one!  Here’s You’re Lucky, I’m Charming:

Without knowing the point of this polish, I applied it all willy nilly and thought something was wrong.  It was so sheer and even after two coats, it looked almost clear.  So I thought maybe it was a topper, applied it over white and thought GOOD JOB, EXPERT! and went on my merry way.

Then I had a conversation with NeNe who told me it was intentionally sheer as it was her quirky take on Lucky Charms cereal and milk.  And OMG, she’s right!  I suppose the hearts and moons and clover-shaped glitters should have given me a hint, but I also thought condoms went on girls until like the 10th grade, so I’m not the best source for info sometimes.

Next day, I went back and used the polish correctly.  Look what I did!

So adorable!  It literally DOES look like cereal and milk.  NeNe nailed it for sure.

To get this look, I did three thin coats then some manual glitter placement so I could get more shapes in there.  Added one more thin coat on top cuz I don’t know why.  I love nail polish; it’s my only excuse.

The round up:

The Enchanted Garden Collex and the two spring bonus releases will be available tomorrow, March 20 so be sure to stick Post-Its on all your surfaces.  Click here for shopping, then stalk the mailman like a proper lady.

As a reminder, the Indie Shop exclusives are only available through the Dainty Digits Facebook fan group.  So you won’t have to scroll up to access the group link, click here instead.  Cuz I understand about effort.  The cat is currently poking holes through the screen door, but moving my legs away from this couch is a decision I’m not ready to make.

Lazy, Level EXPERT.  Not even ashamed.

Later, loves!

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    • Lol, it’s his fault for offering to do things for me way back when we started dating. Now he’s established an expectation in our relationship. If he doesn’t take the basket, I don’t know what I’m gonna do (NOT laundry, that is for certain!)


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