SwatchFest 2016 – Octopus Party Nail Lacquer


Oh my goodness, is this thing still on?  *taps mic*

If you guessed I’ve been hiding out in my lady cave for the past 15 months polishing my nails like someone was paying me to do it – you’d be right.  Mama’s in full-blown obsession mode and I can’t seem to find my way out.  Not that I’ve tried or anything, but that’s how I justify 800+ bottles of nail polish to my husband:

“I’m stuck.  It’s not my fault.”

He barely blinks his eyes at it now.  As long as I don’t change the channel while he’s watching his football show, I think I can get away with pretty much anything.

So Dave from Octopus Party Nail Lacquer recently contacted me about swatching a couple of colors of their new Fall 2016 collection.  Lemme tell you, fall colors are my faaaaaavorite.  Not necessarily fall weather because the lurking of winter ruins that for me, but fall colors have my heart.  Greens, burgundys, plums, oranges, chocolate-y browns.  Ugh.  Heart eyes times a billion.

Here are the two colors he sent:

Left side is Red Blood Sells and on the right is Swamped.  Both colors are beautiful (as you can clearly see).  Let’s do some close-ups, k?

First is Red Blood Sells:

This is a brown-leaning burgundy linear holographic with red flakies.  Top photo is taken in my light box and shows off the truest color and bits of flakie.  Middle photo was taken under a daylight lamp and pulls much more holographic.  And then I threw a macro in there so you can see the sparklies up close, but also as a reminder to myself to NEVER FORGET TO WRAP MY TIPS.  Sorry about that.  I’m working on it, I swear.  Ask me how many times I’ve wrapped my tips in my life prior to 15 months ago when I could throw a nail polish in the trash and never shed a tear.  Seriously ask me.  The answer is ZERO.  Sometimes habits like that are hard to break.

Next color is Swamped:

This is a black-leaning olive green linear holographic.  Again, top photo was taken in my light box, which is pretty, but it’s that middle picture under my daylight lamp that gives me major feels. I looooove that holo and how deep and rich it looks.  Literally, someone could give me a choice between a big bowl of mashed potatoes (with gravy) or one nail painted with this green polish, and I’d have to think on it for about 1.27 seconds.  Mashed potatoes are my happy place in case you didn’t know.  But I can never pass up a pretty green mani.

And not to toot my own horn, but I remembered to wrap my tips on the green macro.  I love it when I do things the right way.  I deserve a prize.  Nail polish and/or nail polish gift cards – or even actual paper money for nail polish – are accepted.  I’m not picky.  I’m very simple to please.  If it’s nail polish-shaped, chances are, we’ll be best friends for life.

Both polishes are ultra smooth and opaque in two coats.  Totally worth a look.  You neeeeeed.  For real, I’m not even joking.  It’s not a $50 Tom Ford lipstick this time, so you can trust me.  Not that you didn’t need that Tom Ford lipstick, but you can buy four polishes for the price of one lipstick – and who’s gonna argue with that kind of logic?

These two polishes, along with two others that are part of the collection, are available for pre-sale until Saturday, August 26 so be sure to get your name on the list!  Click here to buy.  Also, feel free to check out my Instagram cuz all the cool people are doing it.

Later, loves!

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