Birchbox | March 2015


March is quickly coming to an end, which means my second wedding anniversary will be here in less than a month.  Which also means first day of pampering starts April 1 and lasts for approximately 30 days (i.e., the rest of his life).  I’m sure he had no idea being married to me was going to be so hard.  I mean, I have an extraordinary amount of pajama lounging scheduled for the next 50 years (aka var var busy), so who’s doing the dishes?  Who’s buying the Sephora gift cards?  Isn’t that why we have husbands in the first place?  Pretty sure that’s written in a rule book somewhere. 

Here’s my Birchbox:



I already own a little sample of the Cover|FX BB Gel but I was alright in getting another one because of how much I like the product.  However, my previous one is in the shade N Medium (perfect) and this new one is in the shade N Light (not perfect).  So it won’t work.  Bit of a bummer really, and even worse, I don’t know anybody with lighter skin than me that can use it.  So I have this full tube of product and nowhere to go with it.  Tossing it in the trash makes my heart practically stop beating.  In other words, thank you Birchbox for putting me in the midst of this emotional conundrum.  I can literally feel the struggle in my chest.  I need a gift card for pain and suffering.  I don’t see any other way around it.

But back to the product.  It’s a very nice BB cream.  One of the better ones I’ve used.  Has really great coverage, nice matte finish, and it blends in very well.  I’d consider buying a full tube of it if I didn’t already have 27 other foundations to get through before they all expire.  I’ll admit I didn’t plan that out very well.  I’m debating on the scientific repercussions of using an expired foundation.  If it doesn’t stink or have mold in the lid, I think it would be safe.  I’m probably wrong and about to run head first into a face-falling-off scenario.  However, I’ll risk it because DIOR. CHANEL. GUCCI.  I’m sorry, what is your question?

Lookie, it’s our good friend Harvey Prince with yet ANOTHER perfume sample for me, this time called Sincerely.  No disrespect to Harvey Prince by any means, but can you kindly quit sending your sample perfumes to every beauty box I subscribe to?  How many does this make now, 18, 19?  That’s not even a typo.  I think they’ve sent me all of them.  Even the people I give them to are getting tired.  They’re like, Harvey Prince, again?  We share a nice, communal eye roll moment, so if anything, HP brings people together.  But other than that, unless I’m going for a world record or something, I’m pretty much done with the perfume.

But for those who need to know, here are the notes:  Indian tuberose, Turkish cyclamen (otherwise knows as that’s not a thing), and Spanish mandarin.  Sounds pretty exotic, a little spicy, a bit sweet.  If that’s your thing, maybe you should give this a try.  Mom used it and she said it did not smell that great on first spritz, but after the dry-down, it was nice.  I agreed.  It didn’t stink.  That’s my formal review for you: it didn’t stink.

Best thing in the box is this Mirenesse Glossy Kiss lipstick in Cheeky Kiss.  What a pretty pink nude.  Super creamy, good color payoff.  Wasn’t particularly long lasting, nor was it overwhelmingly glossy, but it was not drying at all.  I liked it so much, I tossed it in my already overflowing lipstick bag I carry in my purse cuz it’s a color that will go with just about everything.  Now, they say this doubles as a cheek stain as well.  I’m not really interested in going that route with it I don’t think.  But it’s an option for you if you are so inclined.

I’m not gonna lie: kind of scared of the Amika Bombshell Blowout Spray.  Anytime I get a volumizing hair product, I cringe.  My hair is fine with grease-prone roots.  I need to be spraying shit in there like I need someone to take away my Visa card (i.e., I DON’T).  So obviously I haven’t used this yet.  But I intend to.  I’m going to give it a try this week actually, bite the bullet, take a risk.  I’ve been reading the reviews and some people say it makes their hair sleek, shiny and smooth and others say specifically not to put it on your roots even though the directions tell you to.  Other things I read that perked my interest: cuts drying time down (Cuz who has 15 years handy to stand around blow drying hair? Not me.  See first paragraph where I mention all the pajama lounging I have scheduled.  It’s lots.), non-greasy (we’ll see about that), and lightweight.  Things that scared the bejeebus out of me:  sticky and greasy (But what about the non-greasy claim?  See why I’m pertrified?!), and they couldn’t tell a difference (then what is the point?).  In general though, people seem really pleased with it.  So I’m gonna give it a go for my people.  Cuz PROFESSIONAL.  Also CRAZY.

A couple of boring items finish out the box. It’s the Number 4 Clarifying shampoo and Reconstructing Masque.  I say boring cuz it’s just shampoo and a hair mask.  I’m not against them or anything – I mean, I use shampoo (and sometimes masks), primarily cuz society says it’s required. And the HR Department.  But it’s never anything that exciting.  Unless it’s something that can cut out blow drying and styling completely, these are just basic necessities for me.

Having said that, though, the shampoo is the clarifying kind which is meant to use weekly to remove all the build up from the hair.  Because I don’t use much by way of styling products, I assume there isn’t much build up anyway, but it really does make my hair feel very clean.  There’s just something about putting clear shampoo into your hair that makes you feel like you’ve done something good for the environment.  That makes absolutely no sense.  Shut up, Brain.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is I’m not opposed to buying a full size of this although I could probably find a drugstore equivalent that doesn’t cost me $32.

As for the mask, it was okay.  Nice and thick, which I prefer because I’ve had the other kind and it felt like it disappeared right into my hair.  There was nothing spectacular or game-changing about it though, not even the smell left much of an impression, so I’m glad (for once) I got a single-use packet instead of something bigger.

We’ve reached the end and now it’s nap time.  Thanks for stopping by today.  I have one last review left for March, and then I’m going to stop being so darn boring.  I keep finding new things to entertain me (new YouTubers, mainly) and it’s encroaching on proper blog time.  I promise to do better.  If anyone wants to send gift cards for good wishes, just let me know.  Bye!

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  1. I have gotten tons of Harvey Prince perfume samples as well. Sincerely was the first one that I didn’t absolutely hate. Maybe I will try telling Birchbox I am done with Harvey Prince as well…LOL Great review 🙂


    • Gotta give HP credit for his ambition at least cuz who doesn’t know who he is at this point right? He’s the guy who makes a million different perfumes and I own them ALL. Thanks for reading 🙂

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