Ipsy | March 2015


I’ve successfully sent a slew of packages to my house to make up for the fact that all my beauty boxes were sent to me on the same day.  Well, you know how it is.  Getting mail is exciting.  But when the only guaranteed fun parts arrive on the same day, what is left for the rest of the month?  So I talked to my friends at Sephora, Macy’s, Makeup Geek and Amazon and we collectively came up with a solution.

Someone needs to take away my internet.

Here’s my Ipsy:



This bag is not so much.  Let me explain:

If I see another pur~lisse product in one more box, I might have to karate chop somebody in the throat.  How many times has this happened in the past year?  Like 18 times now or something?  On the plus side, I didn’t get another moisturizer or sunscreen, but the pur~lisse pur~delicate soy milk cleanser.  And I needed a new cleansing milk so I suppose it all worked out in the end.  But prior to that, it was a serious non-event.

I’ve been using this the past few days and it’s alright I guess.  Nothing overwhelming.  I don’t think it’s an actual cleansing milk that is used to remove makeup before you clean your face.  It’s intended to be your cleanser.  But I’ve chosen to use it the wrong way since its lotion-type consistency doesn’t make me feel cleansed, but more “pre-cleansed” instead.  I’m sure I’m overreacting because of my disdain for receiving yet another pur~lisse product in my box.  Had this tube sported a Dior sticker on it or something, I probably would like it more.  I admit that’s shallow and very, very wrong.  Well, I’ve never claimed otherwise.  I own a foundation that cost me $78 for no other reason.  I am ridiculous and I know it.  Not. Ashamed. (Well, maybe a little.)

Perhaps the worst sample in the box is this Gilchrist & Soames body lotion.  Seriously, if I had a bout of insomnia, this lotion would cure that right up.  I mean, look at it.  Did someone steal this from a hotel amenities tray?  Probably.  We may wanna call the Hyatt to see if they’ve been missing about 400,000 bottles of lotion, suspiciously.  You know, just in case there is a monetary reward at stake.  I didn’t even smell this lotion.  I just quietly tossed it in my regift pile and moved on to the next, less tragic, thing.

At first glance, I wasn’t even sure what this Evelyn Iona product was.  Ipsy doesn’t include informational cards like all my other boxes do, one of the things I’d mention on a survey if Ipsy ever sent out surveys.  No, I had to do my own research where I discovered it was a concealer.  They sent me the shade Flawless (medium ivory), which is nice because it was actually a good color for me.  However, it’s a pretty basic concealer.  Nothing mindblowing, but I don’t hate it.  I’ve used it several times and it has decent coverage for me.  Good texture.  Doesn’t crease, but of course I set it with powder, so that helps.  I’ll hold onto it for a little while, rotate it amongst my other concealers until I get bored with it.  I mean, at this point this is the best thing in the box, so better enjoy it as best I can.

As you can see, the little Vintage Cosmetics Illuminating Face Highlighter thing came to me broken.  Like broken beyond repair, or at least beyond the amount of effort I’d want to put into repairing it.  Contacted Ipsy and they sent out a fresh one, and I must say it’s a very beautiful little highlighter.  It’s a brilliant pink, angelic and lovely.  It’s pretty shimmery though, so if you’re old like me, it may be too much for the face.  Aside from highlighting, suggested uses are as a blush or a blush topper.  Even an eyeshadow, which is most likely how I’ll wear it.  I like to play it safe sometimes.  Other times I like to wear full glam face and pajamas to Starbucks.  But mostly I’m appropriate.  Mostly.

Last product in the box is the NYX Cosmetics Butter lipstick in the shade Pops, a nice mauve nude.  This is a really pretty color and the formula of this lipstick is to die for.  Butter is the perfect word to describe it – it’s so smooth and soft and feels light and soothing on the lips.  I own one of these lipsticks already, and I was all prepared to own another one.  But then naturally, obviously, and of course-ly, out of the 27 different shade selections, I get sent the one and only one shade I already own.  Is that even a mathematical probability?  Will I get struck by lightning next?  Should I just roll around in a cocoon made of bubble wrap for the rest of my life?  Because I’m pretty sure luck like that isn’t supposed to happen.  Someone did some voodoo on me, I just know it.  Other than that, I highly recommend these lipsticks.  They’re lovely.  

Thanks for hanging out today and for reading this post all the way to the end.  Internet hugs for you.  I’ll be back again tomorrow with more fun stuff.  You can’t wait! (Seriously, you can’t.)

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  1. i signed up again for ipsy for this coming month b/c i liked the brown eyeshadow maker; already forgot what it was but we will see what else is in the bag. i really cant afford it to keep it long term@


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