Ipsy | December 2014


Spent Friday night inside a Best Buy where I purchased a keyboard case for my new iPad, and then somehow ended up switching satellite providers on the way out the door. They seriously just need to SHUT UP with their $100 off instant coupon and $150 gift card promo.

Here’s my Ipsy:


While not a huge hair product person, I have heard decent things about this Bumble and Bumble stuff. Received the BB Repair leave-in cream. I don’t have a strict opinion on it yet, but so far it seems to be okay. It doesn’t make my hair feel dirty, which that fact alone makes me want to own the full size. I use a dime-sized amount on my super fine hair, but concentrate it mostly from the mid to ends. I don’t dare touch my roots with this stuff because, while I don’t know if it’ll give me scummy hair up there, I’m not taking the chance. Who wants to wash their hair more than twice a week? Not me.

My favorite thing in the box surprises me. It’s the Cailyn mineral eye polish eyeshadow in the shade Orchid. What surprises me is that it’s a loose shadow. But because they put it in a little pot and the applicator is a doe foot sponge on a wand, it’s both fun to apply and easy. If all loose eyeshadows used this method, I would probably go broke owning all the things. But it’s just genius. The color is a nice pinky champagne, so it’s a great lid color that will go with just about any outer v shade. I chose to pat the sponge wand on my lid instead of rubbing it on and I got great coverage. I read some reviews where people said it didn’t show up very well. Obviously they weren’t patting but rubbing. So listen to me – we’re having a teaching moment here – pat on the eyeshadow. Just do what I say. Cuz I am the boss of you.

And even though I have about 17 eye creams in the stash under the sink, I’m cool with getting the Nourish Organic one. I may never get to it before 2021, but that’s beside the point. Has anyone else noticed how long eye creams last? Like I had a Chanel one that was a true sample size – you know, the size that some CEO yelled about in a Marketing meeting that since it was FREE, it should be very very tiny. So they said sample, and they meant it, but the jokes on them because it lasted over a month.

However, back to my point. I’m looking forward to trying the Nourish Organic eye cream in about 7 years.

I love mascara. I’m forever on a journey to find that holy grail. I’ve come super close with several kinds (Marc Jacobs O!Mega, Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes, even Benefit They’re Real! to name a few), so I was excited to receive the Tarte Lights Camera Lashes. If you read Paula’s Choice Beautypedia reviews, you might know that this one is listed in their BEST category.

So is it BEST? Well, I like it. It does a great job with volume and separation. I applied two coats with no clumping, although my tiniest lashes on the inner corner of my eye went a bit spindly. However, that’s probably just a problem I would have since my lashes are very sparse and thin. I know a lot of people that are just in love with this mascara, so it really varies from person to person. I’m not in love, just kind of casually dating. We see other people.

This blog went weird. Nexxxxxt.

Last product in the box is the NYX Butter lip balm in the shade Parfait. I already own one of these, and they are just great. They feel amazing on the lips. Moisturizing, soft. Smells like candy. The color is pretty sheer, but you can definitely tell it’s there. Add a touch of lipgloss in a similar color and you’d be all set for the day. I’m not opposed to buying more of these. But then again, I buy just about everything.

Enjoy the rest of your day my loves. Thanks for reading my blog. If you’re new, welcome. If you’ve been here before, pat yourself on the back for being so awesome. Til next time, friends.

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