Birchbox | December 2014


Don’t mind me.  I’m just sitting over here playing with my new iPad Air 2 that my husband got me for Christmas, even though we made an agreement not to do gifts this year.  I’d say I was furious, but that would be a lie.  You read the part where he bought me an iPad Air 2, right?  So even though I gave him nothing in return (except for my undying love for eternity and whatnot), I’m having the best time.

Here’s my Birchbox:


I’ve received the Rusk Texture Dry Finishing Spray in one of my previous boxes, and I passed it along to someone else that time too.  I don’t use products like this.  My hair is too fine and I have zero extra minutes in the morning to do anything more than comb it.  Now, if Rusk could come out with a finishing spray that tames the poufy, I may consider that.  According to the Birchbox review page, however, most people like this.  It adds texture and volume to your hair when sprayed on the roots.  Now, I have long, all-one-length hair so not sure what kind of texture I can make with a can of texture spray.  Sticky-uppy, maybe?  Dunno.  But it smells good so that’s nice.

You’re welcome for that in-depth, very informative review.  Blogging success today.  Getting back into pajamas now.

Received the very boring Acure Lip Lush lip gloss in the shade Date Worthy, a medium rose nude.  Also described as completely sheer/practically clear once applied on your lips.  There is really nothing special about this lip gloss for me.  I mean, I suppose it serves a purpose if all you want is a little shine and that’s it.  Or if you want lips that smell like candy.  Maybe if you have nothing else around this would be alright.  But honestly, I could lose it in the washing machine (i.e., black hole-slash-sock eater) and never shed a tear.  However, it’s not sticky, which is pretty important, and it has Echinacea stem cell in it, which sounds made up but kind of makes me mildly curious anyway.

And now for the Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox BB cream.  I didn’t hate getting this in the box, but I used it once and then passed it along to my mother who is a big Dr. Jart+ fan.  I’ve come across BB creams that wow me (Miracle Skin Transformer is one), and this one is just okay.  Decent enough coverage, although not quite enough for my splotchy complexion.  If you are already flawless, you’d probably be just fine.  We wouldn’t like you very much, but that’s beside the point.  This product comes in one universal shade, so it takes out 100% of the guesswork, which is very much appreciated by (OCD, anxiety-ridden, indecisive) me.  But I just don’t love it enough to keep it.  I have 27 foundations; I need to stay picky.

Got this very pretty Vasanti Kajal Extreme eyeliner in Rose Gold as my pick-your-own-sample choice.  As if I don’t already have enough eyeliners.  But I didn’t have this color, and if you’re going to be obsessed, you at least need to do it properly.  The color is pretty light if you’re trying to use it on top of eyeshadow, even champagne colored eyeshadow.  But it looks really lovely under the lower lashes.  Very feminine and dainty.  I liked it a lot.  It’s metallic and creamy.  If you buy the full size it will come with a built in sharpener and smudger.  Yay for bonuses!

Last item is the SeaRX Anti-wrinkling Serum.  The last time I tried a SeaRX product, it was a body moisturizer and I really loved it.  So I’m looking forward to trying the serum.  The reviews online sounds like most people like this except for the fact there isn’t much in the tube to generate a qualified review.  Sounds like my posts on a regular basis, although if you’re using my reviews as part of a scientific study, I’m afraid you’re gonna have to start over.  Sorry bout it.  So it sounds like this one will end up in an Empties post very soon.  I’m going to get started on it next.  Keep an eye out.

Okay, we’re done for the day.  Looking forward to a weekend full of nothing with the one exception of going to Best Buy to purchase an iPad case.  Totally worth wearing pants for.  Toodles!

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    • It’s so funny how one month can be so great and the next be total shit. I had decent luck for December, but who knows in January. What did you get that you didn’t like?


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