Birchbox | August 2014


I have been a subscriber to Birchbox for a year now so they just sent me a 25% off coupon. I spent 3 hours deciding on what to get.

I really should have more responsibilities in life.

Here’s my August Birchbox:


Let’s get the big boo out of the way first. It’s the Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris perfume. Now, I feel like I say this every time but I’m gonna say it again. This is not against this particular perfume. I just don’t wear perfume and therefore not interested in getting samples. So when I get one in my box, my face immediately goes like this: -__-

But I know some of you adore perfume, and as a professional I feel it is my duty to inform you this is a Birchbox exclusive (at this time anyway) and it smells like mandarin, grapefruit, and pear. I mean, I didn’t smell it myself or anything, but that’s what it says on the website. Again, PROFESSIONAL. Thank you.

Next is a little tube of SeaRx Birchsap Moisturizing Lotion. I don’t know what birchsap is, but I really liked this lotion. It was very light and had a nice subtle scent. You can use it on your face or body, so it’s a multi-tasker, if you’re into those types. It absorbed really quick with no sticky film left behind. I would totally buy a full size of this if I had an extra $28 lying around and nothing else on my shopping list.

I chose to apply it to my body, and because of this decision I was only able to use this lotion twice before it ran out. But I had a great time those two days. And despite saying that, I’m an extremely cool person.

Birchbox has been trying out something new for the past couple months where they’ve been letting us pick out one of our items. I really like this cuz, while I enjoy a good surprise, sometimes it’s nice just to know, ya know? Well anyway, I selected this Noir Longwear black eyeliner not because I need more black eyeliner but because out of the 4 choices available I already owned 2 and the other was something stupid.

What can I say about a black eyeliner that hasn’t already been said? It’s black. Glides on. Stays put. Other than that, it’s pretty basic. I didn’t feel like it darkened up my waterline as much as my Sumita or the L’oreal Silkissime did. So for that reason alone it’s not my favorite and I won’t use it as often as the others. Unless I’m going for a not-as-black waterline look. Which I hardly ever do. Like never, to be more specific.

In other news, I say completely irrelevant things sometimes. Again, PROFESSIONAL.

Another BB cream to try out. Why not? This one is the Marcelle Golden Glow. I was a little hesitant to use it cuz I thought it would be too dark for me. I mean, the word golden scared me a bit. But that’s not the case at all. Got a very nice natural look out of it. Didn’t get flawless coverage or anything, but I suppose I wasn’t expecting it to.

There is a slight shimmer to this product, but I never looked shimmery which is a good thing for my old lady skin. I still had a mildly uneven skin tone (due to lack of coverage), but for something light on a hot day or maybe for weekends when you don’t care as much about flawlessness, this is a good one to try.

Last product is this lemon body wash by Not Soap, Radio. This stuff smells really good. Like proper lemon, not the furniture polish variety. This particular scent is a Birchbox exclusive, but they have other fun ones like Bubbles, Not Carbs that is supposed to curb cravings, Bathing With Sharks that is energizing, and Liquid Freud to calm you. Yes, each scent has a purpose – it’s not just a body wash, it’s mind altering. Not in a drug way (just to be clear).

That’s all for today. Hope you enjoyed. Insert Awkward Closing Statement. Bye!

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