Sample Society | August 2014


Weekends go by way too fast. The only benefit to that is my birthday is almost here. Less than two weeks in fact.

Sounds like I can’t wait to turn 40. But really I just like gifts.

Here’s my Sample Society:


Ever since the relaunch of this box, I’ve been quite impressed. Hopefully it continues in this way cuz disappointment is a stupid noun that should not have been invented.

Let’s start with the thing I gave away first. That Oribe Surfcomber texturizing mousse. You throw the word texturizing in anything, and chances are I don’t want it. My flat ironed hair does not need texture. It needs smoothness and shine. That’s it. Anything else equals a bad hair day and a calling into work type situation.

And maybe this is just mousse. I used to use mousse all the time in the 90s, and things ended well. But now products just can’t be simple anymore. They can’t just be mousse. They have to be mousse with superpowers. Plus, the instructions say to apply to DRY hair, and I am immediately alerted to impending disaster. So I will kindly opt out and pass it along to my daughter who isn’t afraid of anything.

Got a little vial of the Kate Somerville Dilo Oil. I’ve always wanted to try this brand, so even though it’s not what I would have asked for first, I am excited about giving it a go anyway. The directions say you can add a few drops to your moisturizer (one option) so this is probably what I’ll do. Although one review mentioned mixing a drop with their foundation to help with application which makes me think of the dry texture of the Kat Von D Lock It foundation. I love the result of the foundation, but putting it on is a big o pain in the ass. I bet combining it with the Dilo Oil will make it spread like a dream. Or at least that what I hope happens. I’ll give it a try this weekend and report back.

I wasn’t so thrilled about the neon orange Ciate nail polish cuz I have zero interest in nail polish. We’ve discussed this. However, I do not own a neon orange (color Cha Cha Cha), so that is the ONLY reason I’m keeping it. It’s a good summer/Halloween color or if I ever feel like deer hunting (i.e., never), I can match my safety vest like a damn professional.

I will say I’m quite impressed with the formula of this nail polish. It dried super duper quick. Like I was barely done with my left hand and it was virtually ready for coat two. One thing though is it absolutely needs a top coat cuz it has no shine in it whatsoever. So have one handy and everything will work out fine.

I already own a full size of this Too Faced Melted lipstick in Melted Peony, but I’m still completely cool with getting another one. Mainly, cuz it gives me hope for future boxes that might possibly include similar awesome items such as this. But also cuz I’m giving it to my sister and then there’s no excuse for her not to love me forever.

For those that don’t know, these melted lipsticks are fab. They are highly pigmented and you get full on color with one swipe. They are glossy and beautiful. I only own the peony color, but I wouldn’t hate it if someone buys me another one.

Last item in the box is the Jane Iredale Longest Lash mascara. Sadly, this one is not for me. The pro: the brush is huge and voluminous. The con: it deposits the faintest amount of product, and for me, I need lots to give my teeny lashes the proper boost. Literally, if you have the time, you’ll need to do roughly 15 coats if you’d like any volume. I put this on before work and it was such a big boo, I was in a bad mood for the rest of the day. It’s amazing how my makeup skills are tied to my mental health. Perhaps you should just check my eyeliner before speaking to me, you know, to make sure it’s safe.

This mascara would work best for people who don’t need volume but would prefer fanned out, clump free lashes. Or maybe people who would like a natural lash look, although if that’s what you like, chances are you don’t wear mascara at all.

Alright I’m done. Time for bathing. See you tomorrow, loves.

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