Petit Vour | July 2014


The end of the month is looming. And exactly one month from today I turn 40 years old. That’s 4 decades of life if you need help counting. Eek! I’m getting old, you guys. I’m scared.

Here’s my Petit Vour:


I know most beauty boxes say 4-5 products are included, but when you get just the 4, doesn’t it look like something is missing? So yes, this should be a short review. Maybe that’s a good thing since I’m forever in a state of behindedness.

First thing is this loose shimmer eyeshadow from Modern Minerals in the color Lola. Lola is a beautiful peachy coppery color. I mean so beautiful that despite my nap-inducing excitement for loose eyeshadows, I decided to keep this one. I wore it on Sunday and it’s stunning. Like crazy pretty. I applied it wet so it went on metallic but I blended it a little so it wouldn’t be too flashy. Turned out so nice I was like heyyyyy, supermodel. Then I looked around real quick to make sure no one heard me. Unless you’re Vogue, please just look away.

Perhaps the most bizarre thing I’ve gotten in quite awhile (cuz the poo drops that Blush sent several months back wins hands-down for life), is this all natural deodorant from Schmidt’s. Now, the deodorant itself isn’t bizarre necessarily, but it comes in a jar which you have to dig out with your fingers. I don’t want to touch deodorant with my fingers. Touching deodorant is almost as icky as picking macaroni and cheese out of shag carpet, which I did once in a dream and it was super gross.

That was weird. I’m sorry.

However, if you can get past that then you get the double sensory pleasure of rubbing this into your own armpits. And cuz my armpits are prickly about 2 minutes after I shave them, it’s an even greater joy. But despite the ickiness of application, this stuff smelled like limes and kept me from stinking all day. And there’s nothing poisonous in it, which is a bonus if you ask me. I may even consider repurchasing – and cross my fingers they send a tiny spatula.

I got a facial oil from Pelle Beauty and I’m okay with it. It’s a pretty small sample but I’m sure it’ll last me for weeks. I was looking on the website, and noticed there are some very specific instructions for use. You need to make sure your clean skin is VERY DAMP when applying. I don’t know if that helps with absorption or what, but since they said this you better dadgum believe this is EXACTLY what I’ll do. I don’t mess around with directions as I don’t want my face to fall off cuz I applied it wrong. However, it’s unclear if you’re supposed to use a moisturizer afterwards or not. So if you’ve been reading this blog for awhile you already know I’ve sent an email to the company for further explanation. Yes, I’m annoying.

Last product is a big o boo. Not the brand LVX, just the nail polish genre. Plus I don’t need another pale pink polish. Had they sent me a really cool lavender, maybe I would’ve kept it. But since they didn’t, it now lives with my friend in her house. Don’t worry – she will care for like a proper mommy.

Welp, I’m done for the day. Pajama time is getting closer as we speak. Bye!

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