Glossybox | July 2014


Really trying to squeeze all these reviews in before July 31. I suppose I make it really hard for myself when I subscribe to 11 of them. Do you see the sacrifices I make for my people? DO. YOU. SEE?

I am nothing if not professional.

Here’s my Glossybox:


Pretty good this month! I’ll use everything so that’s a success if you ask me. Let’s begin.

First item is a body cream from Mitchell and Peach. I have never heard of this brand but they are English and by default, adorable. I am not a huge lover of lotion but I do use it daily after bathing. This one has a slightly odd scent of honey and cocoa – not to be confused with CHOCOLATE – so it doesn’t smell as heavenly as you might expect. It may grow on me, though. I mean, it doesn’t stink or anything. It’s not a mushroom lotion, thank God.

Then I got this weird little hair toner from Philip B. I say weird because I’ve never seen a product like this – it restores the pH balance in your hair as well as detangles and controls frizz. Well, that sounds normal and all, but it’s made with apple cider vinegar. Whaaaaaa?!. I know. And then I used it and I was like yep, definitely apple cider vinegar. A little smelly, but kind of in an addictive way. Where the more you smell it the more you sorta like it. Which is good because the vinegar is unmistakeable although the website tries to convince you it smells like botanicals. Bwahahahaha.


Regardless, I like this stuff and I might even repurchase, which says a lot cuz I don’t get moved very often by hair thingies.

There’s just something about the name Malin + Goetz that gets me excited. Maybe it’s the use of the plus-sign in their name. Or maybe I’m just a weirdo. Whatever the case may be, I was happy to see the little mojito lip balm. I used it immediately because I couldn’t contain my curiosity. This stuff is like a thick oil instead of a solid balm. Has a minty feeling to it but smells kind of citrusy. Is that a mojito? I don’t even know. I probably need to drink more alcohol so I can do reviews properly.

Anyway, this stuff is very soothing on the lips and lasts for a suuuuuper long time. I went to bed and it was still there the next morning, albeit a stickier version. This is the only lip balm that’s done that, so maybe it might cure my chronic peeling lip skin? I’m on a mission to find out.

There’s a little baby tube of GlamGlow in here! Got the youth mud tingle version and I’ve used it before. I did like this, although it burned my face off for about 30 seconds. Let’s just say tingle is a horribly inappropriate word. However, afterwards my face was as smooth as a velvet pillow. So half a minute of searing, torturous pain? Totally worth it. It’s also won beauty awards and famous people use it. My two favorite things. In other words = winner.

Last item in the box is the most intriguing. It is an anti aging serum by Skin Inc, and the picture I took does it no justice whatsoever. It’s a clear gel looking solution with floating tiny beads in it. Or to be completely scientific, they’re seaweed capsules. It literally looks like it came from the future, and I can’t wait to use it. It’s a custom blend of two of their serums, and it’s supposed to soothe and hydrate the skin. And if you judge books by their cover like I do, then this stuff would be a New York Times best seller.

Alrighty, that’s all for today. Three boxes to go, two days left. A fail, but only slight.

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