Lip Factory | July 2014


Last day of the month in case you didn’t know.

I am nothing if not helpful. And best blogger in all the land.

Here’s my Lip Factory:


Woah, that’s a lot of stuff! And I’m happy with EVERYTHING. This is like having the best day ever combined with winning the Power Ball combined with living inside a Sephora. I don’t even have to explain that further cuz I know y’all is going Gurrrrrl, I know.

First up are these two lip glosses from Beauty Addicts. Got a pink one and a gold one. If I had to pick my least favorite thing in the box, it would be these, simply cuz they’re just your basic lip gloss. Not bad products by any means though. The applicator is a brush which I feel amps up the fancy a notch. Also they are not sticky. My granddaughter has confiscated the gold one because for some reason at the tender age of 3 she has already cultivated a love for makeup. I have no idea how this has happened. Nope, no idea at all.

But I suppose I love these lip glosses more than I love this Ofra lip liner. Although, I did at least get a good color (baby doll pink) instead of the nude/spice/cinnamon shades I’ve been getting recently. The liner went rather well with a couple of lip products I already own, so it won’t go to waste at least. It’s not super showy uppy (shhhh, it’s a word) on my lips though. That’s the only negative thing I have to say about this lip liner. And everything else I have to say is super boring.

Next up is this really awesome lip paint by J. Cat Beauty. The application of this is very similar to the OCC Lip Tar because you need barely a pin drop. I swear, I will own this tube for the rest of my life. And because the retail price is only $4.99, that makes it practically free. I got a really pretty pink color that’s very wearable (i.e., not neon) called Blabberwocky. I’m not sure what a Blabberwocky is, but it’s obviously this color. And this color is fab.

Then there was this lip balm. I am always sort of like okeydokey about lip balm cuz usually it’s pretty boring. But once I tried the Eco Lips Eco Tints, I was like hello, honey. I feel an addiction coming on. If you like a slight peppermint tingle, soft texture, and a pretty luminous tint (mine is Rose Quartz), then you need to put this in your shopping cart. Plus it’s only $4.50 and that’s guilt free shopping, which is always allowed. Granted you probably have to order 15 of them to qualify for free shipping, but that’s beside the point.

Received a pretty summery teal green eyeshadow from Pari Beauty. This is a fairly pigmented shadow and it looks pretty good against my brown eyes. It seems matte to me, but online it says it’s a frost. I’m not sure if that’s a typo or rather I’ve not known what a true frost eyeshadow is my entire life, but the shade Eco-Friendly (#70) has almost no shimmer in it whatsoever. If that’s the definition of frost, so be it. What I do know is that it’s a nice eyeshadow. That’s not up for discussion.

Last two items are from Palladio. First one is the Brow Fix wax pencil. I like the idea of this pencil, although I may need a little training class. I tried though, I tried real hard. See, I ran this pencil through my brows, and I could feel that product was transferred. Okay, so far so good. Then I did a little spoolie brush to shape my brows to perfection. Seems alright. I went about my day thinking I had the most gloriously coifed brows in all the land – until I caught a glimpse in the mirror where my left arch was hanging straight down onto my eye skin. I’m sorry, this was not in your description. Delete delete delete.

Needless to say I’m gonna have to play around with my technique. At this point, nothing keeps my eyebrow hairs under control quite like my Anastasia Brow Gel. But I do love options, so it’d be nice if I can figure this thing out.

Last Palladio item is their Shadow & Liner Crayon in the shade Champagne. The description says it’s a soft gel formula that eliminates the need to tug or pull at the eye. Well, again, unless that’s not completely true, then I need a training class because this did not effortlessly glide across my eyeball. However, the shimmery shade was very pretty and provided a nice base for another shadow I layered on top. And if I heated this up in the microwave first it would probably apply just like butter.

Kids, please do not heat up your eyeshadow crayons in the microwave.

All in all, this box was awesome. Got lots of goodies which all will be used and appreciated. Looking forward to the next box. But then again, I’m in a constant state of that. That is why I subscribe to 11 boxes. We’ve been over this.


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