Blush Mystery Beauty Box | July 2014


Welcome to the start of July box reviews. As usual, I’m already behind.

Well. I’m var var busy. Starbucks and Sephora don’t happen all by themselves ya know?

Here’s what came in my Blush box this month:


Other than that ridiculous packet sample, I think I’m alright with this box. I will use almost everything, even the scary tall thing with the nozzle.

Speaking of which, that’s a Julien Farel Zero Frizz Restore shampoo, conditioner and treatment (all-in-one) for frizzy, dry hair. Y’all know I am frizzy and poufy, so this product seems like it would be my dream come true. I was a little intimidated cuz of the applicator and not knowing really what to do with it. Had to watch a YouTube video that showed an actual person using this stuff for me to feel safe. I recommend you do the same cuz if I try to explain you still won’t know.

Fiiiiiine. Use the nozzle to apply product in sections all over dry hair. Use the palm of your hand to massage product into scalp. Get in the shower. Apply water to help create a mousse and rub it around like shampoo. Take a wide toothed comb and comb through to the ends of the hair. Leave on for a couple minutes, then rinse.

I’m doing this tonight and it better do as it’s told cuz I don’t have time to re-shampoo nothin. I’ll report back and let you know.

Then I got a tube of hand and nail cream from Great Barrier Island Bee Co. I’m not opposed to receiving products like this since they are almost always 100% useable. But I have such a huge store of hand lotions I’m starting to get anxiety. I’ll never finish all this stuff. How will this ever happen? I have partially used lotion tubes everywhere and not one of them is close to the end. I am going to carry these around with me for all eternity. Along with an enormous box of nail polishes. My room in Heaven better have a lot of storage space.

On a less morbid note, this lotion smells like honey and I like it a lot. And it’s from New Zealand so it’s extra fancy.

Next up is an eye thing from SmartFX called SmartEye. I call it a “thing” cuz I really don’t know what it is. The tube says it’s a wrinkle lift, so I suppose we’ll go with that. It’s supposed to work in 60 seconds, which I’ll be honest, my cat ears perked up immediately at that. According to statistics, 100% of the people said it works, so at this point nothing else matters.

I’ve used it for the past couple days with an excitement bordering on mania. It’s a tinted cream that blends translucent. It’s not too thick or real loose. I wouldn’t call it a concealer although it does help conceal dark circles somewhat. I put this on under my foundation, and if I’m not mistaken or under the influence of psychological brain trickery, this product might actually do what it says. My under eye seems clearer, brighter, smoother. Less 40, more 20. Okay, 30. But younger nonetheless. I’m very happy I own this. Hopefully there is a SmartFace product in the works as we speak. If not, someone needs to invent one immediately.

Received a very pretty honey nude lipgloss from Rouge Bunny Rouge. Prior to trying all the other products in the box, this was my at-first-glance favorite. First of all, it’s Russian (therefore exotic), and second of all it’s lipgloss and I wear lipgloss daily. So I knew it would be a good one. The color looks quite natural on my lips. The shine is pretty, and most importantly, it’s not gloopy. I’ve worn this on it’s own and as a topper and I love it both ways.

When I wore it on it’s own, I used the Cattiva lip liner in Nude as an accompaniment. Both items go together so beautifully. I don’t typically wear lip liner, although I better get on the bandwagon cuz I’ve been noticing some feathering going on in my old lady lips. This one is creamy and glides on smooth. Also, no sharpening required which is my preference. You know, being lazy and all that.

Last thing in the box is that blasted packet. What am I supposed to do with this? Bah. Anyway, it’s a two-step alpha beta peel from Dr. Dennis Gross. I’m sure it’s a lovely product, and maybe I’m being unfair projecting my bad one-time-use packet juju onto this. Probably I won’t want to use this stuff more than one time, or maybe I will see results after one time. Who’s to know? I just haven’t decided if I want to mess with it or not. Mom, if this thing gets regifted to you, please know it comes from love. And frustration. But most importantly, love.

That’s the end of this one, lovies. Hope your Sunday has been loads of fun, and the thought of Monday lurking like a lurking lurker doesn’t piss you off like it does me.

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