Glossybox | May 2014


It’s June 1 and that can mean only one thing: I failed to get all my reviews in before the end of May. I suck so bad. In my defense, I watched two movies on Video on Demand (Gravity and Her), plus went grocery shopping. So as you can see, my day was var var busy.

In that case, all is forgiven.

Here is what came in my Glossybox:


This was a highly anticipated box. They teamed up with Bergdorf Goodman and touted this as a super luxurious box. And while I can’t say expectation and reality was completely in sync, I do feel that it was pretty awesome.

First product is a cleanser from Iluminage. I’m all for receiving cleansers, as I know I’ll use it regardless what kind it is. So it’s a pretty safe bet. I haven’t used this one yet but it’s up soon. The description says it’s luxuriously creamy, and I love both those things. I’ll keep you posted on if that’s actually true.

This next thing is the most expensive item I’ve ever received in any box. It’s the ReVive Intensite Volumizing Eye Serum. Full size of this stuff is a whopping $350. I other words, hope I don’t love it! The claims of this product is to fill out the hollows of the eye, and diminish dark circles, under-eye bags, and crepiness. I’ve been using it for a few days now, and I’m not sure if it’s fact or psychological brain trickery, but I’d swear my eye lines are less apparent. Not sure if it’s supposed to be an immediate result or not, but I’m almost certain I notice a difference. But then again, for $350 I dadgum better.

Then I got another eye cream which I thought was slightly redundant. It’s the Lancer Eye Contour Lifting Cream and it pretty much does the same thing as the other one but for only $95 instead. I have no idea if it works just as well but I’ll find out as soon as I’ve used up the ReVive. This one says it’s ultra-rich so it may be a thicker cream versus the thin ReVive serum. But I’ll let you know in a future empties post. You’re so excited, I can tell.

I own a lot of foundation primers, but I’m always excited to try a new one. The Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot primer is one I do not own and was so happy to get. Yes, a $45 product got me more excited than the $350 one.

Texture is a big thing with me, especially with primers. This one is more creamy than silicone-y, and once applied it made my skin feel very smooth and soft. That hooked me right there. I almost want to go out and buy it without even finishing the sample, all while hoarding about 15 other primers that need used up. I’m that impressed. So yeah, I’m probably gonna do that very soon. Once I get the idea, it’s very hard to ignore myself.

I did get some perfume, which I am very bored by. But it’s also by Atelier so I’m gonna keep it. I make no sense sometimes. The scent is Rose Anonyme and it’s $80 for 1 ounce. Also it’s made in France, where all fancy things come from. The top notes are bergamot, ginger and Turkish rose. I don’t know what any of that means, but figured somebody out there might appreciate a description. All I know is that it smells alright. And coming from a non-perfume lover like me, that’s high praise. For real, you shouldn’t even listen to me if you love perfume cuz I’m honestly no help whatsoever.

And then there was a repeat. Got another tube of Alterna CC cream for hair. I’m giving it to my mom, not because I didn’t like it but because I don’t feel like sampling it again. Hair products are probably my least favorite things to receive cuz my repertoire consists of zero products of any kind. I use no mousse, gel, hairspray, wax, texturizer – none of it. And somehow still manage to make hair magic every morning. I dunno. Just lucky I guess.

Last thing, and definitely my favorite in the entire box is the $25 gift card to Bergdorf Goodman. This is a no strings attached gift card. I didn’t even have to join an email blast. So instead of buying something for free, I decided to apply it towards something really expensive so I could get a $25 discount. Don’t argue with my logic.

Any day now, I’ll be receiving my brand new Tom Ford eyeshadow quad. I’m so happy, I could just about pee my pants. Look for it coming up in a future post. Again, you’re thrilled.

Okay, time to go. It’s Skincare Sunday so I have so pampering to get to. Ciao!

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