Glossybox | April 2014


It’s Saturday night, my OKC Thunder just won, and I’ve got a belly full of pizza. What more do I need in life?

Makeup. And skincare. Always always always. Then after that, Im pretty much set.

Here’s my Glossybox:


Can we say big fat poo? I was so superly disappointed in the box this month. I’m not excited about one item, and I don’t even know what one item even is. Let me explain.

That tall stick thing is an eyeshadow sealer by LASplash. A what now? Eyeshadow sealer. Mmmm k. I guess it’s like a glue of some kind to hold your loose glitter and shimmer shadows to your eyeball. Did you just fall asleep cuz I sure did. I will never use this. Delete. Moving on.

Next boo is this Aqua Spa body creme. You can buy this at Walmart. If I really wanted it, I’d go buy it myself. The whole point of subscribing to beauty boxes (other than opening Christmas presents eleven times a month) is receiving brands that are not easy to get, or brands I’ve never heard of. Not brands that I could buy while shopping in my pajamas on a late night emergency tampon run.

On a positive note, this is the best thing in the box. Yes, it’s all downhill from here.

Speaking of brands available at Walmart, I got a body wash from Caldrea that I swear to you I almost bought at Target the day before. Luckily, I opted for a different body wash or else what would be the point of this one?

I did actually use this so it isn’t going to waste. Although they sent me the tea olive lime scent which does not transport me to a tropical island in any way whatsoever. Gah! Would it kill you to put coconut in everything please?! Do I need to be CEO to get things done around here? Apparently so.

How many times have I received a Bellapierre item in one of my boxes? I can’t even tell you. I just feel like I get something from them at least once a month, mostly in the form of mineral shadows. Snoring! Well this time they sent lipgloss, which at first I was like another gold lipgloss? But then I shut my yap long enough to use it and it’s really lovely. It’s like a gold with some coppery rose in it. Purty! And not sticky either, which is nice.

Last product in the box is this horrid white nail polish by Ciate. Yes, they sent me white nail polish and it looks exactly as if I’ve been transported back to 7th grade when all the girls would paint their nails with Whiteout. Want proof? Here ya go:


Straight up Whiteout. Do you know how many colors this stuff comes in? I don’t know, but there are 13 pages of it on their website. Thirteen pages of colors, and I got the white one. My life hates me.

They do have a white chocolate nail polish remover that intrigues me very much. But that’s beside the point.

The point is I’m very tired now. More tomorrow. Good night friends!

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