Petit Vour | April 2014


I’m trying very hard to get caught up on my box reviews because guess what’s on their way to me right now? May boxes. I’m inundated. It’s so hard to be me, you guys. So. Hard.

Here’s Petit Vour:


This box has never failed to impress me. I’m usually very in love with it. They aren’t perfect – none of them are – but they’re pretty dang close.

Favorite item in the box is the eyeshadow quad by Lily Lolo. What kind of name is Lily Lolo? I don’t know, but it kind of makes me want to buy everything they make.

Yes I’m that kind of person. Clever names suck me in every time. If you name your business something interesting, my cat ears perk up immediately. But if you use your initials and call yourself A&B’s Makeup or something similar, that is NOT interesting. Not even for a second.

Now that that’s cleared up, how about we segue into an item that is also not interesting. Perfume. Here’s my face when it saw that big ole poo: -__-

See? Snoozefest. But if you’re curious, it’s called Yogini by Harvey Prince and it didn’t stink very much. That’s high praise coming from me.

Now for some better stuff, I got a skin elixir moisturizer oil thing from Jane Scrivner. I haven’t used a moisturizer that is like a facial oil before so I’m actually intrigued. It says it absorbs easily, and that’s my main concern. We shall see. I’ll keep you posted.

Last item in the box is a cream cleanser from Kimberly Parry. I am sort of indifferent about this item because it’s not as creamy as I think it should be. And if I think it should be, it should be. Well! Creamy does not mean not creamy does it? Or even semi-creamy? No, it does not. I win. Let’s all agree.

Having said all that, it does a fine job of cleaning. I put on a sample of Kat Von D super duper full coverage foundation last night (at Sephora, my new home) and this cleanser got every last drop of it off like a champ. So while not particularly creamy like lotion as you might expect, it’s still pretty good.

More box fun and haul items coming up this weekend. Oh and my April empties. But first I gotta scoop cat poop and do two-nights-ago’s dishes. See, told you being me was hard.

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